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Lumos 2006

Jenn's mad adventures in Las Vegas...

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Tomorrow I'll go over more thoughts I had from Lumos, but it is late, I am tired, and I really want to go to bed.

But, before I do....

Happy birthday Harry Potter and Jo Rowling, wherever you are. Thanks for giving me such an amazing weekend.
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New journal...

This isn't up and running just yet, but I've begun to work on my newest blog/journal, under the user handle 'bruinhistory'. This will be my history blog, or my 'history for dummies' as it were, (my play off the popular book series, not that people who don't like history are dummies). I'm still working on the details, but I hope to have it good to go in the next couple of weeks.

In other news, I DID work on my Latin, I hope to finish chapter three this week and four and five next. I realized doing a chapter a day is silly as there are only 26 chapters. So take it slow and it might stay in my head longer. In the meantime, I've found the Vulgate online, and might attempt to try and translate it at the end of summer to see how my skills are. It's the freakin' Bible, so it can't be too complicated for me, I will at least get the jist of most of it. Yet...we shall see. I'm only througn ELEMENTARY Latin, so there will be lots I don't get.

I'm still rather bummed at the moment, and I might just have to start sucking up and doing something I don't like doing...ugh. I'd rather stick a whole lemon in my mouth. The worry has me having bad dreams again. I had one about a person I dated long ago. I don't remember what it was about, save that I didn't want them there and they wouldn't go away. They only laughed at me as if I were mad and continued doing what they were doing. Hmmm....sounds like my family, actually.

I think I shall go for a bike ride when I get home. Every time I say I'll do one of my other exercises when I get home I never do. I walk in the door and sort of fall apart. Maybe a bike ride will help. Every other day. Let's hope I don't get hit by crazy ass motorists.

I need to load my Ipod with something new and different so I won't go crazy at work this week...more Pottercast! It will be kinda cool to see them and the Mugglenet people next week in Vegas. I hope I can stand the excited teenage girls. Oye. I'm too old and cranky for that. But it all should be cool. I can't believe I'm doing a HP convention. Woot!

Off to get dressed and head to the dungeon. *sigh*
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I need to stop obsessing on this....

So I got word on another bill tonight, one I was expecting at least. Still...I can't win here, it seems. I tried not to get upset about it, but I'm tired I suppose, and I let it get to me. Quit playing Bard's Tale, (of which I'm nearing the end), and instead chose to go upstairs, update Kizelbash, and generally feel sorry for myself as I worry.

Oh, and I had one little chocolate square of Belgian chocolate. Cause I had to do something to feel better and apparantly drinking two bottles of wine alone in my room isn't an option anymore. I swear, I did it ONCE and I'll never live it down.

I swear to God I'm never planning another nice vacation for myself as long as I live if this keeps up. It's inevitable, I plan a vacation, then everything falls about my ears.

I'm sounding pessimistic yes, chalk it up to the bad mood.

I'm more pissed about the fact I work so hard for a pittance is all. Blech.

Next year I'm so looking to apply at DR and work there while getting the grad school sit worked out. It's starting $29K, but hell, that's leaps above what I'm pulling in now.

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Good and Bad Day...

Good-I got a slightly naughty breakfast before going to Magic Mountain.
Bad-I had to drive, which I didn't mind so much, but required gas, which for some odd reason I hate bothering with.

Good-We ran into no traffic on the way to Magic Mountain.
Bad-I got a flat tire that I didn't notice till I got to the parking.

Good-We stayed despite the bad tire and the fact I was upset over it.
Bad-We had to leave early to get it fixed.

Good-I had the most fun on all those rides, and we played games, and I got a Cookie Monster and Patric got Oscar the Grouch, and then he also won a moo cow, and we rode the scariest ride ever.
Bad-Patric got slightly green on after riding Dejavu and Cyclone right in a row.

Good-the hamburger I got there.
Bad-the price.

Good-Patric was a manly man and fixed the tire and put on the donut.
Bad-it was fricking hot and dirty.

Good-we got to poke around the Santa Anita mall when we got back and see things, and Patric got a new shirt, and I found the birthday present for Aislynn for her birthday in October.
Bad-I paid to get a new tire so I could fix the flat as my new spare. The new tire cost me $80 that I wasn't planning on, and I have Vegas in two weeks. I'm VERY worried about my money for that trip, and feeling I almost can't do anything fun now at days for fear I will just never have money for it.

Good-Linda bought tasty Italian for dinner last night.
Bad-I can't think of a bad for that.

All in all it was a mixed bag, but I had such a good time at the park, and want to go again to get to the other rides we didn't get too. Weeee.....