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Ipods, Umlaut, and Vanilla Diet Pepsi.

I don't drink soda much at home as a rule. I try to stick to water mostly, a) because it's healthy for you, and b) because I worry about what that much caffeine and fake sweetner will do to my kidneys. But since Rome I've been craving soda. I thought it was the sodium, the amount of exercise I was getting in Rome meant I was low on the sodium and stuff, as I was sweating much of it out. But it's continued since I got home. It could be hormones right now, but for whatever reason, I purchased soda yesterday and it's sitting at home. Vanilla Diet Pepsi....*drool* It used to be my gamer drink par excellance.

I also bought gum, something else I'm not know for using a lot. weird.

The Ipod was recovered, it had been hidden by one of Linda's growing stacks of mail, and she found it while trying to neaten the stack. I sigh, smile, and shake my head. Linda and the mail is an ongoing project. I throw most of it away, but her personal mail tends to take a life if its own.

Which led me to thinking about future houses. I've been itching for a year and a half now for a house. Ideally, I had wanted a townhouse somewhere, a starter home that I could purchase and set up as I wanted before looking to something bigger after the whole marriage/kids thing. Mostly kids, because you want to have room for them to beat each others heads in. I'm one of these disgusting people who wants to have a house, and a Home Depot card and paint it funny colors and decorate it. Yes, I think I got my mother's bug. She's one of those disgusting people too, but she never completed any of it. Part of it was money, she's never had any, and part of it was imeptus, she was usually tired after working and coming home to four kids, later five, then six. But she is who I get the bug from. I watch TLC and DIY, and make plans that involve painters tape and sponge brushes.

I'm thrilled with the idea. But I realize that whoever lives with me in the future, they might not like my ideas. This is bursting a bubble in my head. Because I'd like a neat, if not always tidy house, that does not look like a cross between a depression era packrat and a Fry's superstore that just was hit by a massive tornado. I sense resentment in the air for this.

Anyway, till then, I will quietly throw away piles of mail and set up my Xbox upstairs in my room....perhaps tonight, I feel a video game itch coming on.

As for Umlaut, well she's been a sick girl. First off, I had to rebuild her entire engine, or Gregg the Mechanic did, and it cost me $1500, which is about $1000 cheaper than what the other place quoted me, and about $1500 cheaper than what they would have charged me. But she's running, though she still has a funny knock when she idles that I think i'll have Gregg take a look at and tune, becuase it might just need an adjustment. Then I kept having repeated eletrical problems, namely the battery dying on me in traffic. So I had her taken to Pep Boys last night, and despite the fact I knew they would swindle me, the car was fixed, with a new alternator, a fixed fuse, and the battery charged. Now to get the new rear fender attatched so it's not flying in the wind, and I'm set. Hopefully nothing new goes wrong for a while, though I probably should have her tires looked at soon, just because I'm paranoid and wouldn't know if they needed switching around or replacing. All I ask is another couple of years out of the girl till i get enough of my loans paid off that I can look into a new car.

Which reminds me, I need to pay off bills tonight, so I can take them to the post office, along with Frankie's present.

Off to another day sorting resumes. Fun.
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This just in....

I apparantly have a room...what's more, it has carpet!

I have a bed too, and a closet full of clothes, and shelves with LOTS of books on them.

It's rather amazing, I thought it was just a dumping place for my crap for a long time.

Hopefully the parental units will appreciate the effort. I'm really, REALLY sore right now, and exhausted, and have a final to study for in the morning.

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Patric always knows how to earn my affection...give me my favorite, soft, white frosted sugar cookies from Vons. One at a time please, I have no self conrol, and all I need is one.

So the three of us went to Patric's friend Jessie's house last night, they played poker, I watched. It's funny explaining I don't play poker, and no it's not for religious reasons as I play with cards a lot. I don't like to gamble, and I don't like holding up people trying to learn a new game, so I usually sit it out. It's the gambling part for me mostly, hell I don't like buying lottery tickets, so I make Linda do it. It is a waste of money personally. THis is why I refuse to start investing till I have money I don't mind never seeing again.

Speaking of which, I've given some thought ot ways of spending future earnings. One of which is a house. Not to buy most likely, to rent, but I seriously want one. I've tired of the apartment living, and I miss my old, albeit time warped house in Pasadena. Just the ability to have privacy and not have nosey, (drugged out) neighbors about sounds so very nice. I know this will be several years in coming, but it's something I want to give consideration to.

The other is how I'm managing the PhD. I know, I know, I want to take some time off school, but I have to consider this in terms of how I manage everything else. I need to work on my languages. Someone suggested that I do a post-bacc program through the UC Extension in classics. I'm considering it. If it was something I could do over weekenights, that would be great. Then I can get a post-bacc degree in Classics on top of History, and then approach the PhD more from the area I want to approach it from. We shall see.....

I don't like this time changing thing. It rather bums me out as I'm used to a whole extra hour of sleep on Sunday morning. Alas, I need to get up and find HP pics and quotes for a presentation. I shall go downstairs, make canned biscuits, and get started on that. I'd rather just stay in bed and have a snuggle with my pillows and my stuffed Cookie Monster.
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Buying a house...

So ironically, as I mentioned yesterday I was thinking on buying a house, the roomie brings it up last night while I'm trying to stuff as much Latin into my head as possible. I think the vibe was going off, or maybe I'm so used to Caron/Gita reading my thoughts of late I was sending the Sparkysignal again. In any case, we sort of chatted it up, mostly because, ironically, out of all three of us at my apartment at the moment, I'm the one most financially solvent enough to consider this.

Let me pause while I think on how sad a statement that is.

Anyway, back to it, I did state my big worry about this all is, even if I do graduate and get a spiffen job, within a year I could quite possibly be looking at grad school, and lord knows where I'll end up. Ideally I'd love UCLA, but I might apply elsewhere. And grad students are known for being able to afford mortgage payments. On top of which I want to study classic/ancient history, which means that I'm jetting off to the Med at some point poking at things with sticks and hoping I get government funding, not painting and redecorating a house. I'd get no chance to live there, let alone pay for it.

But then the ideas was brought up that it could be investment. I rent out the house while I'm away, and use the rent to pay for the mortgage. In turn, I make sure to rent it to friends who treat it nice, and make sure in the contract that it stipulates that at any point I can come and reclaim the house if I so chose, with appropriate warnings of course. So there is that to consider.

To be honest, I'd love to own a house, (I've always wanted one of those fixer up places so that I can have an excuse to go to Home Depot and look like I know what I'm talking about). But I make $22K right now at my job. I have the potential of making $30+ come next June, but then there is grad school...and god, how bad I would love to go. I have no guarantee I can get in, but I'd love to go. And this gets to the huge crux, the massive debate in my life. Do I settle down and lead a pleasant life or do I spend the next six years slogging through grad school and barely making it like I am now?

Both sound very appealing, but I don't know if I can compromise the two ideas together. After all, I'll be doing in my 30's what most people do in their 20's. ANd it might nix every chance and hope I have of husband, children, home, and general steadiness in my life for one of...well only slightly better than what I got now. But how rewarding would it be to be doing something I love rather than I only somewhat tolerate? *sigh*

The quandary of the modern era. I'm glad I'm not the only one who is thinking this.

Anyway, the point is all theoretical anyway, while I might get low income funding, I have student loan debt out the wazoo, and a checkered enough credit history to make any loan officer leery of giving me more money. And while I could find co-signers for a loan, the fact that I couldn't guarantee a steady enough income for a mortgage payment makes me very leery on the idea.

But I'd love a place that wasn't filled to the brim with papers, boxes, and clutter.

Well, it's nice to dream, isn't it?