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One should slurp, munch and swallow their udon. One should not try to breath it into ones lungs, especially when one has put hot sauce in it. Ouch.

It was rainy, cold, and I didn't want a smoothie for lunch. So I got udon soup instead, since it was low in both fat and calories, and most importantly, warm. The hot sauce is the added feature because I eat everything with hot stuff on it. Well, nost everything. The Midwestern types do get squicked by my tabasco and egg combination.

Today I had two quizes, both I feel good about. Spent last night studying for the one. I was most put out all the stuff on the Alexander the Great map was left off, mostly as it took me twenty minutes of searching the main map of the Greek islands to figure out these places weren't there and were indeed on the Alexander map, and way the hell in Babylon and Afghanistan. Bugger. Anyway, I think I did all right on it.

Most people like the rain around here, it happens so infrequently. I should too, but it irritates me for numerous reasons. Most involve stupid people, because they seem to be attracted to the stuff. So when i'm driving, when I'm walking, when I'm trying to order food they stand there and stare at you like a sleepy cow. *sigh* I just want to get home and get to bed and study. That's what I want.


Back to my udon.
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So Linda and I found a new Chinese restuarant last night, by 99 Ranch. We were really investigating to see if it served Dim Sum, which it does during lunch and weekends. But for dinner it's normal fare, so we stayed. They had Peking Duck there, that everyone seemed to order, which seems to either indicate it's good or cheap, I couldn't tell. So I shall have to try that and compare to the one I had in San Diego. And of course we have to go back for dim sum.


Randy would love the place, things like fried goose liver with black bean sauce, that would be Randy's idea of culinary adventure. I'm not big on liver, though I like black bean sauce.

Anyway, we got a family meal, roast duck, some spicy garlic seafood with lots of squid, octopi, and eel in it, much tasty, and then a host of appetizers, and it came to around $30 for the both of us. It was good. I was so full by the end though. Yum.

Then it was back home where the lights flickered in the high wind all night. Wonderful. Especially when I was trying read Sumerian history. *sigh* And poor Mr. Thomas called frustrated that the computers he was workign on weren't working. I think it was the wind, everyone was getting cranky.

I for one crawled into bed as soon as I was done trying to determine WHERE the Sumerian underworld geographically was to Sumer, (I'm voting Mars by the way this author kept rocketing off on tangents), and turned on my fan and snuggled uner a mass of blankets happily. This was a bad idea, as when i was supposed to get up this morning, I could not. I was late getting out of bed, because the blankets had swallowed me up, yum, yum.

I'm at work now, contemplating nothing much. Might hit up my student records again. I seem to do this everyday. They don't tell me much, but I'm waiting for someone to say, "You missed this step, return to GO, do not collect $200." Paranoid much?

I have to help with Payroll today, we lost another one. That position is cursed for us or something. Suck.

Off to contemplate my toes.
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Unholy addiction...

Anyone who knows me knows I have a thing for cookies.

I am also painfully addicted to the Pork and Vegetable Steamed Dumplings from 99 Ranch.

Every week Linda goes there, and every other week or so she gets them for me. They are four to a package, and so good....little doughy pockets of yummy joy. I brought one with me for lunch. I like mine soaked with soy sauce, and lightly steamed up in the microwave, (since I don't have a steamer at work or home really), and then I sit in my cold little corner, fingers wrapped around warm bready goodness, munching away happily.


I would never have known about these if it weren't for Dim Sum with Reece and Jenn, and me trying to find steamed dumplings at 99 Ranch. They are EEEV-AL!

However, last night for dinner I made my Mom's friend chicken, with her country gravy, biscuits, and brussel sprouts. Not quite southern/midwestern, but I figured the brussel sprouts were green, and that's what I wanted. It wasn't the most figure friendly of meals, but it was nice and comforting, and made me think of all the suppers at home with the family when I was a kid. We'd eat that two or three times a week. Of course, this might explain why I wear a size 16 now. I haven't eaten this meal in years though, so I don't make it often. It was nice though. And Linda rather liked it.

And there was nana bread for desert. Nothing beats warm banana bread with butter. I think it's almost as good as sex...almost. I'd have to say something decadent and chocolate is better thans sex.

The weekend is my last free for the next 2 1/2 months. Almost done, weeee.... I've gotten three of my grades, still waiting on the fourth. Honors so far looks intact. How, I don't know, it was absolutely brutal. But I made it out alive...though barely. I never want a week like that again.

LA Freeway lingo is so funny....not even Angelinos get it.

Off to poke at something productive for a bit.
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My life is one long frustration....

So I spent most of yesterday afternoon trying to do the GPA figures on my grade so far. This is all contingent on what I get on my paper this afternoon.

This seems stupid and obsessive to many, and it is, but to have worked this hard to have one asshole prof take away my chances at graduating with honors is driving me rather over the edge.

To cheer me up, Linda and I went to 99 Ranch last night, where just down the shopping center she found a tiny indoor area where they had lots of Asian fast food, and sinfuly French pastry desserts, which i did not partake of. We then spent $100 on groceries, but we got fish and vegetables, and the jasmine rice I prefer, and some sauces to use on stuff. As the main food groups in my diet are Italian, Asian, Mexican, and Southern, I was happy as a clam with the purchase. And we don't have to buy groceries for a while, save for the milk and bread thing. Perhaps I'll need to up the veggies, but we'll have to eat them if we bought them.

I'm sitting here fuming as to what to do. I won't know till I get my paper this afternoon, which isn't going to be good. *sigh* Can I beat my head against my desk yet?


You can tell when the hormones kick in, I'm grumpier and bitchier about everything.

I have no desire to tutor today. I have no desire to get my car worked on. I have no desire to study. About the only thing I do have a desire to do is sleep and poke at stupid fanfic all day.

Of course I'm not going to do this, but it's what I have a desire to do.

I feel badly though, my roomie was wanting to make breakfast, eggs, and I turned her down. Mostly because the last two days have been horrible on food, and I haven't exercised, mostly for the reasons I've mentioned above. So no eggs for breakfast, I'll eat my healthy cereal and banana with tea. Someday she'll off me cause I pretty much just took over the kitchen. She loves to cook, she does, but....well she tends to do it in fits and starts, and often when I'm hungry, I want food NOW. And I have to know food is going to be there. Cause if it isn't, then we have to eat out, and that costs money. Groceries do too, but you can get several meals out of the amount you spend on one meal around here.

I'm aware I hogged the kitchen, I know this. I just don't know how to fix it.

Anyway, I need to find ways to amuse a five year old, figure out how to break to his parents I can only do an hour tomorrow instead of an hour and a half, and then try to teach a fifteen year old enough math to get through high school. Then off to get Umlaut tuned up and running nice while I read about Gauls and Goths in Late Antiquity.

Fun for me, let me tell you. *sigh*

Raw Egg Roulette...

So I had made a merangue last week and had about six eggs yolks. I also had oil, anchovies, and garlic, as well as worcestershire, (why can't anyone say it right, and that is technically wir-SHEST-i-shir? Why am I the odd ball?), and white wine vinegar. I also had a bag of lettuce, three green onions, some leftover parsley, radishes, cold chicken from last night, boiled eggs, an avacado, and some croutons.

I made a salad. And I made my own dressing. And the dressing was tasty.

I sure hope the eggs won't kill me. So far, A-OK. I'll get them with some hot chocolate later.

Anyone got ideas on how I can get a hyperactive 5-year-old to focus on learning his letters?

I need to go read for class some more.
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Roasted vegetable pasta....

*drool* So I played with my father's old Italian Chicken recipe. I made it with pickled roasted Italian vegetables. God, I ate till I was bursting. And all it contained was chickey, roasted veggies, and fettucini.

Sometimes I'm inspired.

I need to read the Zend Avesta. don't wanna. I want to watch Robotech.

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Death by cholesterol...

Emeril, you mad man, that much cheese will choke a horse.

Well as suspected, there wasn't much to a scam of word processing from home. Linda might do it for a few extra dollars, but it's not worth it unless there is a free spot to post classifieds on the net. Ugh.

Hate worrying about money.

Anyway, on the good news, I have my class ring. It's SOOOO pretty, I shall have to post a picture of it that is good. I've happily got it on right now. Six months from now, I'll be a graduate.

Six months can't come soon enough.

Come end of March I'll get a job at DR at least, it won't be for long, but its something to tide me over till I can get a full time job over there.

Mmmm, pork chops.
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Early birthday present...

One of my everlasting irritations, and Patric's secret delights, is the fact that my best friend cannot contain himself when purchasing presents. He had present, he must immediatly give it to you. Normally this is irritating as I like to have presents on the big event day, this is what makes that day special. But this present I'll forgive him for.

The bike I was eyeing last week as reported early in the week

Needless to say this was a thrill to come home to. It's nice, light, and just my size. And it doesn't pop going into first. And I got a light on the front and one on the back, a bike lock, and two flowered water bottles to match the paint job.

So thank you to Patric and Randy for giving me such a wonderful birthday present.

Tonight we are going to celebrate Randy's birthday which is really a week from tomorrow. Much barbecue will be consumed! Perhaps we shall treat him to something tasty sweet as well.

Also-if you get a chance, congratulate Randy, (baraqyal), he just made it to the next level of his contest. I'm so proud of him.

Shall I post another history post or take a nap? I missed out last night as I went to see "Bringing up Baby" in Old Town, which was fun. God I love Carey Grant. So today will be yesterdays post.

So hot...so sleepy. 110 makes me so drowsy.

Happy, Happy Birthday Frankie....

You are now as old as ME! Well, for a couple of weeks anyway. Hopefully the COG, kids, and grandkids will do well by you, and you are having a somewhat decent time in Chicago with the father unit. Just a shout out to let you know you are remembered on your birthday!

I am excited, I found a serious bike that I like that is my size! My current bike, which is the one that I inherited from Patric via Dan. Neither one of those young men are small, so its a bit difficult. This bike fits me just right, right size, right feel, and I imagine if I tested it I'd like it as well. It's not bad on price either, it's $450. So another thing to save up for.

But alas, Lumos is coming up, and I'm short money anyway, so the bike will wait till end of summer. The price might drop by then.

The weekend has been pleasant, very nice. Patric and I hung out last evening and he drove me up Angeles Crest Highway, which I never had done before. I didn't realize that Palmdale and Lancaster were so very close to where I live, really just over the mountains. Much faster than the long way around, but more treacherous. Still, the views were amazing, and Mount Wilson was breataking. I literally could see my house from there. It was neat. But I got car sick on the way down, with the change in pressure and the curvy road. I was glad to hit La Canada, else I might have been sick all over Patric's car.

Today was simple, the boys wanted to go to REI, which we did, and as ususal I amused myself. Caught up with Gita and bemoaned the GRE and the medical boards which she is taking in a month. I don't envy her. Took pictures of Randy in a Pink Floyd cow biking jersey as Gita wanted one. I saw the affore mentioned bike. Then after a pleasant lunch of salads the three of us decided to bike, but Patric's tire went flat, so it ended up being Randy and I biking the bike trail in Duarte. No nuns today, I was disappointed. But exercise was had, I was active. Hooray.

So Patric is now back at home, he had a date tonight. And Linda was in a celebratory mood, I suspect the computer Patric lent her has something to do with it. She is so floored by it. So she and Randy are getting clams and other tasty things for supper. Hope they get back soon, I'm a hungry bean. And bored, the house is too quiet.

I want this egg dish that Ina Garten is making. *drool*

God, I'm starving.

Randy is making a weird dish out of some ingredients I threw at him, a sort of challenge to prepare him for his mystery box competition at school. I suppose it's a bit like Iron Chef, only with three ingredients. I threw out basil, Linda suggested lemon, and then I said cheese. He's making shooters out of lemon and basil sorbet and fondue. Interesting and does sound good. So we shall see how it is.

I need a house to havecocktale parties. *sigh*

Must find a munchie till supper arrives.