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Apartments and Eyebrows, Why Growing Up Sucks

Still sick...this sucks

Patric and Randy are moving into an apartment together not far from Patric's current house on the West Side. It's four bedrooms, cheap, and while not the nicest of neighborhoods, isn't a ghetto either. Its is Patric's first grown up place all his own.

I couldn't be prouder of him.

For starters, let me start with the fact that the long road of friendship between Patric and I has been fraught with much peril and many fights, but I have always trusted that when it came down to the wire, Patric's judgement would be spot on in a tough situation. He's the go to guy I call when I need an answer now on which road I should take, what decision I should make, and usually it doesn't lead me too far off.

Patric's problem is he can't be so sure he makes those same calls for himself.

So Mr. Thomas has been poking about of late hinting that he wanted to find a new place. And in truth, it was about time. He moved into Goldie and Menachem's nearly four years ago during the midst of the hoopla surrounding his break-up with his wife, and his subsequent conversion to Judaism. He needed a place both far from the community and away from the mess. He found it here. And it was good for him. But now he's nearing 30, he's living in a room that barely houses his bed, let alone the 30' plasma screen monitor to his computer, his 25' television, his massive collection of books, his ever growing closet of clothing, both his video game consuls, and his stereo surround system. LOL I think he needs to find a bigger place.

To whit, he's been getting more and more active in the last year. He's taken up both biking and kayaking, both of which have real large, room gobbling equipment. And he is certainly a young, active guy, while the Goldbergs just sent their youngest son off to yeshiva in Israel. So it would be nice for him to have a 'guy' place to chill out at.

But the biggest reason I think this is a good thing is that Patric is lonely. He lives on this side of town, and his friends are either busy, getting married, or live on the east side of the city, and perhaps are a combination of all those things. Gone are the days in SLAFC when people would just randomly come by. But now he's got a new place, and he's living with Randy. Not that I'm saying this is completely a good thing, but its company, someone to talk to of an evening. Having lived by myself for a year while Linda was gone, I know how important that is, and how much being alone drives you nuts. Of course, this is Randy, and it could be one of those situations where we will find Randy stuffed in a black trash bag in the closet someday. But it would be his fault for leaving his knife kit somewhere where Patric could find it.

These are all good reasons for Patric to move out. But he's terrified. He's losing his eyebrow terrified, (a sure sign of Patric stress). He's got good reason. First, his cushion of savings is eaten up by this. And while his job pays well enough that he will make it up soon enough, he's now having to pay the big bills of living on ones own. And he worries that financially if he falls, he has no one to pick him back up again. And he worries that Randy might do something supremely stupid and flake, which is a possibility if you know Randy, but Randy's grown up a lot too in the last two years, so I'm less worried about that than Patric is. But it's all a real big step...he's moving to HIS place. Sure, he's lived on his own for ten, eleven years now, but its his first, adult place, not some hole in the wall he's getting by at, not someone's back room, not the home of a girlfriend or wife, this is his place. And that's a big step. It's quite scary, I know I'm contemplating a home in the near future, and that scares the crap out of me. But he's doing it, rather than coming up with reasons to stay in this situation, he's getting up , he's doing it, and he might be kicking and screaming, but he's doing it.

And I couldn't be happier.

I am one of those rare people where if I set my mind on something, I'll figure out a way of making it happen. College, moving to CA, currently it's Latin, I don't stop to think of the reasons WHY I can't do it, (not to say I'm not terrified, I almost always am), but I do it knowing that if I don't, nothing in my life will ever happen. I'll be stuck in a rut of my own making. Not many people are like that, including Patric. And he has complained of his rut for a while. I want to think that this apartment is perhaps a first, baby step into him peeking out of his rut and seeing what is around him. And maybe, just maybe, he'll see something he will like and want to go for too.

I've got my fingers crossed.

So now, I'm just hoping my two best friends don't kill each other as roomies. I suppose if they can figure out how to afford the kegerator they've been talking about for Patric's Magners, that will cool the edge off any roomie troubles that they have. LOL
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Squeaky Clean...

I'm fickle on my shower times, sometimes it's morning, sometimes it's evening, sometimes it's the afternoon.

I went bike riding tonight, and popped a gear shifting down to first. I wonder if it's something wrong with the bike, as it always does that. Hence my hands were covered with grease by the time I got home. I was sweaty to boot. And I hadn't had a shower today as I slept too late. So off to the shower I went happily, degrungifying myself.

Then I remembered I forgot to go to the store and get shampoo, conditioner, and facial scrub. Bummer. I made do with the dregs, at least I'm clean now.

Oh yeah, remember how I said I hate doing laundry...guess what's still not done. Yep....I'll get to it, I heed clean clothes eventually. Hopefully before this time next week as I plan to be sipping butterbeers and firewhiskey and getting shloshed with Frankie listening to Wizard Rock bands.

I love being a nerd.

Today I was rather petty about a situation I'm not proud I was petty over, but at least I kept my pettiness to a dull roar. I hate being petty, and this was a petty sitation. Just sometimes you get tired being the underdog, ya know.

Thanks to Caron-bean and Patric for listening.

And if you could, keep Caron and I's friend Kari in your thoughts, (she's one of Caron's bestest friends, and she's the reason I became a gamer dork). Kari is having a bit of surgery on Monday, so all the good, healing thought you can send her way will be most appreciated.

Off to post in my other journal for I fall asleep.

So much for lazy Saturday....

1) Went to breakfast in Sierra Madre with Randy and had a strange eggs benedict like dish at The Only Place in Town. It was tasty.
2) Drove to South Pasadena with Randy to help him get shoes for school at place on Mission.
3) Drove to Burbank to Fry's to get Randy digital camera for his portfolio.
4) Went to Porto's in Glendale to get pastries for party at Randy's friends' house.
5) Came home, enrolled in classes. Am short one of the classes cause it hits my limit. Will go on Monday to bitch at UCLA to get in. Means a drive to Westwood over my lunch.
6) Will work and work out. Want a nap.
7) Drive to Brea to go to Randy's friends' party.

That's today, tomorrow....

1) Wake up
2) Figure out how to fit two bikes in tiny Kia Rio
3) Drive to West LA to fetch Patric.
4) Go biking in Santa Monica
5) Hang out.
6) Try not to die of exhaustion.

I'm getting a bit disgruntled as what little free time I seem to be getting is not my own.

But I do get a day at Magic Mountain and Dodger Stadium soon, huzzah.

I should just take a weeks vacation to just be by me! No errands, no poking, no talking to anyone, just get my head on straight before I start running around like a headless chicken again.

Wish I could make people understand that sometimes.

Must start work now...sigh. Randy is downstairs watching Firefly. At least someone is happy.


Today is birthdays all around. But my mother turns 49, old lady that she is, *snort*. Hopefully she is doing something lovely.

Speaking of Cat, and her husband Dan, the wine makes me so happy, the chocolate makes me happier, and seeing you guys makes me happiest of all. Weee...I plan to drink the wine for something, perhaps my birthday, and drunkenly post to Cat how wonderful it is, as that's how it works in New Zealand I hear. I forget how I miss them, and how fun it is to talk to them. Cat, who is a history dork like me, had me giggling on her take of that silly King Arthur movie and Dan's mother. How I miss them. Though, I did taunt Cat with Belgian chocolate, but sadly we weren't able to get pie from Marie Callendars as she wished. We settled for Pavillions, where I got banana cream for the roomie, as she wanted some. A trip to New Zealand is in order after my trekking in Italy, with much wine drinking and laughing at their friends who seem to think house sitting involves drinking as much alcohol as humanly possible. Tee hee. Gah, I miss them.

But I did ask how Joe's wedding went, apparantly grand, how John and Lisa were doing, and checked up on everyone. Just cause I'm a hermit doesn't mean I don't like knowing.

Now I get a weekend with Mr. Thomas about to go poke and do silly things. I want a picnic, that's all I ask, but I am wondering what to do tonight. There's Monrovia street fair before it gets dark...*innocent look*. He isn't so keen on that. OK, maybe not so much, but I haven't been ALL SUMMER, and it's been going on since Gita was here. *sniffle* I want funnle cake and rice pilaf. And to see the nuns from Saint Terisita. I think the nuns are great. And best part we can walk back! This usually hampers all other Friday night excursion. Cause otherwise I'm gonna fall asleep, and this might be a bad. thing.

I got my first classes lined up, Roman history from the beginning to Caesar, and Byzantine History, (notice a theme...), and I got my first word on my financial aid. I don't get as much piffle money as last year, they cut my loans, but I do get all my tuition paid for, which is the important thing. THey gave me work study, and I laughed, I work a full (part) time job already, I don't need MORE work, and sadly, it does pay better than the $666 a semester I'd get through the university. So no thank you, I'll take my pitiful DR work. But it will mean I will have to tighten the belt a bit, and be careful how I spend. Hopefully I'm not borrowing too much. And I do need to save money up for Christmas at home and flying folks to see my gradiation, not to mention my gradiation regalia, the pics, and the class ring which I really would like to get. I might petition that as a combo Christmas/Grad present actually from the friends, a pitch in effort. I'll see, I'll float the idea by them and see if they like it. It's dumb, wanting a class ring from college, but I never got one in high school, and it's more a symbol of what I've accomplished than anything else.

I'm tired today, I was up way past my bedtime, and want a nap, but will not be getting one sadly. I want a vegetable day, where I can...be a vegetable. I like asparagus and brussel sprouts. But alas, not this weekend. As long as I get my picnic!

Must remember though, I can't spend too much money, *sigh* I hate my job sometimes.

Sorta sad...

I realized that I so don't have someone to just call up and say, "hey, let's go have dinner" with.

Weird to think of this on my first day of vacation. Not that I can afford eating out, really, but still, it's one of those things that I discussed with Patric. I don't really have anyone to just hang and dork with save the boys and Linda. Everyone else either lives too far away or is to wishy washy to bother.

I would love to throw a dinner party, but I don't know enough people to throw one!

Of course, I might need a bigger house to do that. *sigh* I so want one of those.

I don't know, it makes me sorta sad.
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