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Chocolate cake and exercise...

I so love chocolate cake....

I've been jonesing for chocolate for a week. THis is totally and whole heartedly due to the fact that it's that time of the month, and I always want chocolate then. So imagine today's pleasant surprise when I walk in and there are TWO slabs of Claim Jumper cake sitting by the printer. For those of you who don't know Claim Jumper's famous chocolate cake, it is ginormous. Imagine four layers of chocolate goodness with tons of frosting and walnuts. Yeah...one slice of the cake is enough to feed 4-6 people, two can feed my whole office. So I had a slice. It made the hormonal craziness subside for a moment. If I can now go potty, (they inexplicably turned the water off just now), and get some chamomille tea, I'll be set.

But this means extra working out tonight.

I've been trying to be good about working out since school ended, (I've been slightly better at it than my Latin, which I'm working on). I have hiked, biked, and wandered, and my poor aching body is feeling it. I can't sit on the bike seat right must yet, that will take a bit more getting used to, and my joints are complaining loudly, reminding me I do have arthritis, what the hell am I thinking? But I'm determined to not let the summer end with me being a pool of jello when I return to campus in the fall to hike back up the hill to classes. I might not lose weight, but I will not get winded climbing the stairs by Royce Hall.

The problem with summer for me was always birthdays. For whatever reason, my parents decided that having their children in the summer was a good idea. This coupled with things like Memorial Day, 4th of July, and Labor Day, summer was full of cake, homemade ice cream, KFC, barbecued chicken and steak, potato chips, hoagie sammiches, and...more ice cream. In July and August alone we had five birthdays to celebrate, so every two weeks was more cake and ice cream. When I was a kid and was running around like a mad heathen child, this wasn't a problem. But when I hit puberty and became more sedinatary, this did become an issue. Now, as I face my 29th birthday in a month, I realize that I need to stay more active and just can't plop on my ass when it comes summer time. So I try to at least get a bit of a work out done, even if it is only half an hour or an hour each day.

Especially since I've been turned into such a foodie. Lord, how can I go eat at all these restaurants Randy wants to take me to if I can't do something to help keep the weight down to a dull roar.

Speaking of birthdays, mine falls the week after Lumos in July. So I must decide what to do. The weekend before Lumos I hope we can celebrate Randy's, as his actually falls on the weekend of Lumos, and he is flying out to be with his Dad, while I trek out to Vegas to hang with crazed HP fans. So the weekend after Lumos I figure we can do something for my birthday. As always, I plan on taking the day off the great day off. I imagine I'll go poke at Patric or something on that day, I should think of something fun to do. I say a picnic at the Getty. But what to do for my actual birthday celebration? Last year I had a party at the house, with food and hanging out. This year I think I want to get out. Maybe a restaurant, or maybe we can all do an event. I've yet to go to Magic Mountain, maybe I could do that, since they may close it down within a year or two or something. *snort* I'll think of something.

I just know there better be at least a piece of KFC involved on or around my birthday...it is tradition!

Off back to work, I need to see if the water got turned back on.


There are few nutrisystem soup cups that can't be fixed by a drop or two of spicy Tapatio sauce.

Wow, my eyeballs are melting, WEEEE!
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I have this mad love affair with yellow curry. I am nuts over the stuff. Imagine my surprise when the MEXICAN spice section of Pavillions not only carried it, but it tasted just like the stuff I get at all the Chinese restaurants in town. So yeah, looks like it's curry a go-go for me. Weee...

Last night I used some of the luau pork in the curry powder with the onions, peas, carrots, and the dried chilis I add because I love curry melting my eyeballs hot. That with rice, and I was happy as a clam. I think I prefer beef better, it's a more robust flavor for the hot curry, but the pork wasn't so bad. It was a way to use up an item we have tons of at the moment.

I have a plan for our lobster stock. I was thinking an asian soup of some sort, with shrimp, noodles, kale, mushrooms, spring peas, the like. Randy wants Thai red chili past in it, and I'm not oppossed. I like hot. Especially in Asian food. I'm odd that way I suppose.

I'm going to get through all the stuff in our freezer. Now to figure out what to do with the ham in there. I have some rolls leftover from easter, while not great, I might let sit out one day to rise, and let the ham warm slowly in the oven and make ham biscuits with potatoes au gratin. But we also have all these gravies, stocks, you name it, we got it. I will have to figure out ideas for all of those. Looks like some soups in the future.

And fish...cause we got some battered fish to eat too.

And more tater tots than we know what to do with!

And why do we have Rice-a-roni in the house? Seriously, I hardly eat the stuff.

It's past the point of Jenn's frugality now, it's my serious contemplation on where we get so much food we don't eat, when we spend so much at the grocery store. YEESH!

If by summers end it isn't eaten, it's all going to the foot pantry at the Foothill Unity Center. Besides, I need to save up my pennies for Lumos in July and for all my school/graduation stuff coming up. So Rice-a-roni it is.

It's better than my parents 'tuna salad week' to stretch a dollar I suppose.
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Oink, Oink...

I made up some pulled pork sammies last night, with Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ Sauce. SOOOOOO good. Most traiffe, but so tasty. I should have thought to tell Randy to take the leftovers to work, but he caught me last night while I was in the midst of Wheel of Time trying to finish up some other passage before going to bed. I got through the ubiqitous Rand whining part. Gah....it's a pity I like the story as a whole so much, because the main character makes me want to choke something.

Speaking of stories, so my co-worker Pete and I are working on a project over the summer. I don't know how far we'll go with it, but it will be an interesting story if we get it done. Sort of Stargate meets Gilgamesh and Jenn's love of all things historical. Not that I know much about Stargate, I only watched the movie, and that years ago, I've never really seen the series save a handful of episodes. Never got into it much. But there will be no Stargate that I know of involved. Mostly because I think the idea is dumb.

Never mind, I'm rambling.

I'm rather worried about the roomie and the financial situation. *sigh* She's $600 in the hole, and there isn't a lot anyone can do to fix it. I don't know, she's got herself stuck in a pretty good hole this time. Perhaps she will figure it out, I don't know.

Speaking of financial situations and what not, I was thinking last night how much I would like a house. Pity the LA area houses start at $300-$500 thousand for the cheap ones. But boy, it would be nice. I'm getting to that point in my life where apartments are just not ideal anymore. And I feel rather cramped in mine at the moment, there is stuff everywhere, and it's impossible to keep tidy. Not that I'm a great housekeeper, but I do like a house that feels open and not cluttered, I grew up with that all my life. I don't know, who knows where my life will end up in the next two years, let alone in my immediate future.

Still no word on any grades.

Off to work again. *sigh* Boy, I'm tired for some odd reason, must be allergies.

A funny thing happened on the way to MySpace...

I opened a MySpace account more to keep up with the shifting patterns of my life than to make connections. Many people are coming and going, and some people have suggested I start one just to keep in touch with folk. No problem, as long as I don't have to maintain it.

But yesterday, while killing time at work before leaving for the day, I was doing a search on something, and found an old high school classmate of mine. Weird, because I have yet to find very many Milan folk on the internet as a whole. I saw the picture and thought, "wow, that looks like Chalise." Sure enough, it was. I was shocked. She seems to be leading a fairly good life, with kids, divorced, living in Kearney, near KC. I shot her a message just saying hi and wishing her luck with her life. I don't really expect to hear from her again, as I wasn't close to her or anything, we had some classes together and graduated in the same year, but that's it. Chalise was a member of the elite bunch in Milan, I was not, so it wasn't as if we were friends. But she was nice, and well...I don't know, I suppose a part of me does miss Milan a bit. I was just more shocked than anything, but I'm glad to see someone else got out of town too. I wondered how many of us would stay and how many would leave.

Thankfully I'm not the only one who left Milan for far off shores, so I don't feel nearly as conspicious now.

In other news, I got the grade for Teo's class, an A as expected. The rest I won't expect till later in the week, or perhaps next week. I don't really expect better than B on two of the classes, and perhaps as low as C in Dr. Bartchy's class, but I'm OK with that. I learned lots even if I can't articulate it well. Still, I wince when I think of my poor GPA. Oh well, I have next semester to bring it up.

Gita moved to Columbia successfully, thank goodness. I was worried with only her and her Dad hauling stuff from Tulsa to Columbia that it might be a big deal, but once they got there Mel's family helped a lot apparantly. I'm most jealous as I do miss the gang back in Missouri a lot, and wish I could visit more often. But I will send them a housewarming present, and Mel is getting a phallic looking planter I saw at a Chinese homestore in Chinatown. Mostly because it will amuse me, but also because it would amuse her. But I'll have to see if I can't find it again first. In the meantime I need to send her a present for graduating med school at MU. So I should shop for that this weekend.

BTW: Randy dear, Columbia is in MISSOURI not IOWA, and last I knew your father lived in Illinois near my father, who happens to live south of ST. LOUIS, not KANSAS CITY. Those two cities are on opposite sides of the state with one another, Kansas City connotating that it is close to the KANSAS side of the state. St. Louis, being French, usually can be associated with the Mississippi River, which the French controlled for a great deal of time.

One day my LA friends will learn geography. This is why we don't let certain people navigate while driving. Yeesh.

Anyway, tonight is pulled pork sammich night, must go buy some BBQ sauce and throw the corn into roast when I get home. It can do that while I work out. Gah, this whole 2 mile walk video kicks my size 14 ass.

Well, at least there are some things that haven't changed since high school...my jean size. *rolls eyes*

I still need beer.

Off to work now.

Sorta sad...

I realized that I so don't have someone to just call up and say, "hey, let's go have dinner" with.

Weird to think of this on my first day of vacation. Not that I can afford eating out, really, but still, it's one of those things that I discussed with Patric. I don't really have anyone to just hang and dork with save the boys and Linda. Everyone else either lives too far away or is to wishy washy to bother.

I would love to throw a dinner party, but I don't know enough people to throw one!

Of course, I might need a bigger house to do that. *sigh* I so want one of those.

I don't know, it makes me sorta sad.
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Happy Birthday Linda...

Today is the roomies birthday, she is...*gasp*...45. As promised I'm taking her for an outing on Sunday, hooray. She'd like to do Santa Barbara, but I'm not sure since my gas and money is limited. But we will do something fun, no matter what.

I was in an amazingly good mood today, I got tons of sleep, I feel OK about tomorrows final, school is almost over for me. I'm in not such a good mood now. *sigh* But I have beef ribs roasting in the oven for dinner tonight, nice and spicy, and tomorrow is payday, and school is over till Sept. 28th. Huzzah.

Dr. Bartchy thanked me for donating the book yesterday after the final, and assured me he'd help me out with some reading matieral towards some of the areas I'd be interested in for grad work. I was excited, this might mean I get to do some real looking before I decide, yes, I want to do grad school. And he was rather sweet about it too. I must say, I'm thrilled with some of my profs. I might only get a C on this final or the class, but Dr. Bartchy made it well worth getting a C. LOL

Tomorrow is Randy's event, and Linda and I are planning on getting beer afterwards. Hooray. I'm out of school! I'm not a SENIOR. Who'd of thunk?


Saturday morning is far to fucking early to read Canterbury tales.

I need tea...and maybe a brownie. OK, maybed not he brownie. I might eat it anyway. Fuck it, I'm in a "i wanna eat bad" mood this weekend.

It's only eleven, I need a nap.

Funnily enough, in listening to Pottercast I figured out Comicon was coming to SD, and wondered if Goth_Huntress was headed out. I suppose the SD gang is, and much fun to them! May your full house be full of laughter and much loving of the puppies.

Me...I need to read Chaucer.