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Is it just me....

Or has Neal Patrick Harris gotten really hot in his old age.

The more disturbing thing to me was that he has to be just past 30 now. I think he is three or four years older than me, so he has to be about there. Wow, where is my childhood going, Doogie Howser is an old guy! Lord, he went from being the chubby faced teenager who coluldn't decide if he wanted to sleep his hot girlfriend, to a mean card shark with a really sexy wink.

The funnier thing was I didn't even have a crush on him ten years ago when most girls should have. LOL

Speaking of crushing, been thinking a lot about one I had, the first HUGE crush I had on someone. His name was Jeffrey Paul Green, and I'm sure he's now discharged from the Marines, back in Missouri, perhaps married to some nice girl or shacked up with some hot military wife or something. So anyway, I was fourteen, just had moved to Milan, and here was this guy who was showering me with attention and being an impossible flirt. Being 14, having a 17-year-old picking at you tends to make you feel giddy. He never asked me out, said I was too good a friend for that, I don't think I got what he meant just then, but yeah....he wasn't such a bad sort, and I hope he's doing well.

I feel so cynical now, a guy showers me with attention like that, I believe he's either gay or needs me to do some unpleasant job for him. What has happened in thirteen years to make me such a bitter, jaded soul?

I find I'm not alone, it's a whole mindset of bitter, twenty something women. We are convinced that men are a collective group of immature, spoiled, self-obsessed, insenstive, sex-driven, children, who can not see much further than the length of the cord to their video game controller. Now there are acceptions to the rule, yes, I know not every man is like this, nor does every young woman feel this way about the men in their lives, but it's a prevalent idea amongst many young woman. Guys aren't just pigs anymore, they have devolved to the level of protazoa and single-cell anemonae as creatures of pure instinct.

What is it that we women want?

It's funny, I'm painfully guilty of this, and so are a lot of girls I know, we want the fairy tale, we want the knights in shining armour with their spiffy horses and pretty words, and we want them to come and force us from our lives of drudgery in the corporate world and give us castles in the burbs, where we can raise our princes and princesses in the two car, four bedroom, two bath, swimming pool graced domisile of our happiness. And we ACTUALLY believe this will happen, and then we can't find out for the life of us why it is these boys don't get it.

Boys don't read romance novels, boys don't watch cheesy chick flicks, (well, the straight ones anyway, and quite a few gay ones I know), boys think they are doing good if they can manage the car payments and still aford rent, the new Xbox game coming out, a stash of porns and assorted action flicks from Hong Kong, and a two weeks supply of frozen pizzas and beer in the fridge. Boys....they don't think like girls because life is painfully simple for them. Not to say that they don't have issues, angst, and worry ,that they don't dream and aspire, but really, you don't see boys crying because some didn't float into their apartment dressed to the nines with flowers in hand.

Well, not on the outside anyway.

Long and the short, we women love being cynical about the men folk, because we can, because we are good at it, and really, when you think about it, we are the creators of our own angst, the makers of our own self-defeating prophecy. We can bitch about men till the cows come home, but in the end, who is the one making all the bigs plans around them that get dashed into the ground? We are! (And note: Many dash hopes into the ground unwittingly as we don't bother to tell them what we are expecting...silly girls.)

I'm going to post for Tara and head off to bed, am a sleepy bean.

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