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Looking forward to Saturday...

So Saturday will be my first crack at storytelling, and I'm rather nervous. Still, it should be fun. I have at least the core crux of characters down, though I can't let out ALL the truth behind them. That would be letting the players in on secrets I don't want them knowing. But I have the Prince and the main Camarilla power players down...

Caste of Characters (So Far)
Marcus Chilton (never appears): Ventrue, former British Army officer, a good military man but a horrible manager and politician. Was rather fond of using others to do the work he himself couldn’t manage. Befriended Kevin MacDougal while still a mortal serving in His Majesties Army in Scotland after the second Jacobite Uprising, he managed to get himself Embraced but found that he was not up to the challenges set before him by his sire. Ran into MacDougal again as a Kindred, MacDougal himself haven been Embraced as a Brujah, and the two worked together till they left for America. They landed in Boston shortly before the American Revolution, where they stayed, and later would meet and begin to work with Mark Bengston, a Toreador from Paris. The three worked together, Chilton seeing Bensgton as his in on the road to politics. The three hatched an idea to find a domain of their own to control, and through Bengston’s influence Chilton was able to earn himself an Archon position for the Ventrue Justicar. As an Archon, he spearheaded the attack of Memphis, a key center of Southern Lord control, and claimed the city as his own. His ineptness at management and his own self of self importance as Prince cost him his domain. He was run out of the city after an attack on the remnants of the former Southern Lords power in the area, and was sent fleeing from the city after all his forces were decimated. He was last heard of in England again, though he’s fallen into such disfavor amongst his own clan that it’s rare that his name is ever mentioned.

Mark Bengston: Toreador, the bi-racial son of a Louisiana indigo planter and his free, black mistress, Bengston was raised as a rich man’s son despite his Negro heritage. Left for Paris with his older, white brother while a young man, where his exoticness caused him to be a favorite amongst the rich and bored of Parisian society. Was Embraced by Margarite Taylor, (former Southern Lord and now Prince of Nashville), and abandoned in the court of Prince Villon, where he stayed until he could manage his own trip out of Paris. He landed in Boston before the Revolution, and made the acquaintance of Marcus Chilton and Kevin MacDougal. Seeing the other two as the protection he needed in turbulent New England, the three made plans to gain their own influence and power and cease a domain the three could control. Bengston migrated to Philadelphia, where his political and social acumen gained him great personal control, which he used in his efforts to gain Chilton his Archon title. When Chilton claimed Memphis as his domain, Bengston was named his Seneschal, though his own efforts to maintain the city despite Chilton’s fumbling was tied by Chilton’s pride. When Chilton made his fatal mistake, Bengston immediately took the opportunity to claim Praxis. Since he’s had a firm grip on the city and despite the many complaint son the part of the lower clans, has seemingly come to a sort of balance between the Camarilla law and order and the efforts of the Southern Lords and their remaining followers to depose of them. Openly black in a time of great racism, Bengston is an oddity, a colored man of great power in an area where he is hated and reviled, but he managed to strike a balance that satisfies both his sense of justice and the needs of the Masquerade.

Kevin MacDougal: Brujah, a survivor of the battle of Culloden, the last battle of the second Jacobite Uprising to support “Bonnie” Prince Charles Stuart’s claim to the English throne, Kevin was imprisoned for a brief time in a facility being run by Marcus Chilton. Chilton, seeing a worthy pawn, befriended the young Scottsman, and had him help maintain order in a prison full of Scotts who hated Chilton. MacDougal was so efficient at it, he was pardoned well before many others, and served Chilton as an assistant. When Chilton was sent to serve at a post in Highland Scotland, MacDougal went with him, enrolling in the Regular Army. There he was hated and mistrusted, both for being a Scot and for being the pet of the commanding officer. Chilton was called to London, and MacDougal was assigned to the worst detail while he was away, patrolling a neighboring town full of his countrymen who hated all things English, and him for being a turncoat. He never returned, having been Embraced by a Brujah who lived in the area and was intrigued by this ‘turncoat’. She sent him to live with a broodmate in Edinburgh, but the Toreador court there chaffed at him, and he went to London instead. There he again met Marcus Chilton, now a Ventrue, and the two decided to leave for Boston. While there they met Mark Bengston, who sought their protection as much as Chilton sought his political prowess. The three entered into a coterie, though MacDougal mistrusted Bengston at first. Bengston’s self reliance and ability to do that which Chilton couldn’t impressed the Brujah whose loyalty soon shifted to the Toreador as well. MacDougal went along with Chilton when he captured Memphis, and was instrumental in it’s taking, but was denied the glory as Chilton claimed his domain. Given a Sheriff position to mollify his feelings, things only grew worse as Chilton allowed the city to go to such an extant that he couldn’t keep up with his duties. When Chilton was run out of town, MacDougal for the first time didn’t follow, and gave his allegiances to Bengston. He still serves as Bengston’s Sheriff, and is kept busy protecting the city from the breeches of the Camarilla Traditions, his loyalty to Bengston unwaivering.

Isaac Kirtland: Ventrue, the childe of Marcus Chilton and a former Boston lawyer practicing after the Revolution, Kirtland was the son of a rich merchant family who drew Chilton’s attention when he was asked to handle Chilton’s mortal accounts. So good was he at managing them, that Chilton Embraced him and expected him to continue. Chilton, however, abandoned his childe to pursue his own ambitions with Bengston, and Kirtland was left to manage on his own. However, thanks to a few well placed friendships, Kirtland managed to not only save himself from drowning under the manipulations of other Kindred, but excel. Seeking an opportunity from which to which to succeed, he sought out his sire, and was promised a position in the domain he planned to claim. Much to his chagrin he was once again the errand boy for his own sire, secretly managing the city for the hapless Ventrue. But his sire, out of arrogance, began taking control of more and more and began to bungle it badly. Kirtland stood back and watched as his own sire took his tumble to the bottom. Kirtland already saw the reigns of power passing to Bengston, and decided that this was the person to be beholden too. Bengston, seeing the usefulness of Kirtland’s skills named him Seneschal, and believing that his second was appropriately thankfully and indentured to him, as let him have much more freedom than some think is prudent. Kirtland has a brood that is equaled only by the Prince, and is allowed an ‘agency’ with which he has taken upon himself in the Prince’s name to handle the problem of the Southern Lords. While this has earned the ire of Kevin MacDougal, Kirtland maintains that he in no way seeks to supplant the Brujah’s office, rather he wishes to take the burden of constant vigelence against them of the Sheriff’s shoulders. Besides, he feels he has a score to settle with those who disgraced his own sire.

Lorna Lewis: Ventrue, childe of Isaac Kirtland, former Boston heiress and debutante, Lorna was the only daughter of a Boston banker who had long before enlisted his daughter in the day to day dealings of his business. Having no sons, it was his intention of leaving the title of CEO to her, or at least leave her with enough acumen to pull the strings of whoever the board chose next. She was discovered by Isaac Kirtland when he was reading a business article on her, and was intrigued by her management capabilities. While in Boston on business, and with little preamble, he Embraced her with the intention of having him aid him in his agency. She currently resides in Memphis, where she rarely attends court, but is often running errands for her sire or helping him manage the affairs of “The Partnership”.

I have most of the Giovanni worked out, but I'm still working on them, as still the whole structure of the Southern Lord remenants and what they are doing over there.

Purty proud of myself so far.

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