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As I've said before...

If you have something NASTY to say on LJ, please be so kind to e-mail the person you have the nasty comments to say to. This isn't supposed to be a forum of angst on here people, merely a place for me to make statements that nobody cares about! :)

So anyway, I managed to fall asleep last night while watching television, and through two episodes of Law and Order, before I woke up enough for the West Wing.

I can't believe I like this show.

I wanted to hate it. The first times I watched it were when the show first came on. Being that I'm a Republican, the show is for a sitting Democrat, I didn't like the aspersions cast on my party. And yet...after being forced to watch it last THanksgiving, I've grown unreasonably fond of it.

My personal favorite...CJ. CJ who seems to never have it together but always does. I imagine if I were press secretary, I'd be of a similar mindset. This can't be a job that one would slack at, and you know...I'd kind of dig on it. High profile, high stakes, but I'm afraid personally I'm not quick enough on the draw to ever handle the White House press corp.

Must admit, I like Toby too. Toby is how I feel on a normal day, curmudgeony, angry, with a strong desire to just look at someone like they are a peon, please get out of my presence. But really just a softy when it comes down to it.

Good show, good show, liked last nights episode. The psuedo "Frontline" touch was great. LOL I'm glad I finally caught it, tried for the last three weeks and it wasn't on...or I couldn't find it. What was up with that. Like L&O, but where is the West Wing?

Ahhhh, wow, the first TV show since the X-files I wanted to watch consistantly.

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