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Think that my roomie has finally lost it. Tonight I got yelled at about what a bad person Patric was because of the angst he's going through, and how dare a person care about the woman they love over their dog, (mind you he loves his dog). And then I was told I was trying to win him back by holding his dog hostage and not giving her back to him. Mind you, he wants me to take care of her and plans on taking her back, and I plan on giving her back, thus I don't know how that defines hostage. I'm a pretty smart person. And then I was told how bad of a person I was because I insisted on being Patric's friend despite the angst he's causing me, and how that must mean I don't love her and don't give a shit about her.


I had to listen to an hour of this.

Long and the short, yes, I rant a lot about Patric here because where else will I do it? He's still my best friend and it's worth it to me to keep my friend and not be a lonely, angry person hiding in my house. I feel better being his friend than not. And I am watching his dog as a favor because it is what friends do. I'd expect the same from him. I am not being used. Hell, I offered, because really, I wanted to cuddle a puppy. And I resent the insinuation or the aspersion. Patric has done much wrong, but having me watch his dog? I thought that was sort of responsible, make sure she was someplace safe while he moved.

Really...Linda has some fucktarded priorities anyway, and she certainly doesn't understand broken hearts, which I get in spades. And really she's most pissed off because she can't control this situation. She's pissed off that I'm hurt and she can't make me stop being hurt. And she's pissed off that the dog is here. Really, she's just pissed off at life, and she's taking it out on me.

I should mention she had been drinking again when she started this tirade. Really, I'd had a shit day anyway. My car is acting up. I'm not sure how I'm paying for anything. And then she pulls this on me. What the hell? Her behavior is becoming more and more erratic the older she gets. And I'm rather tired of it. I really want to move, but don't have the fundage. If I could pick up and move to the West side by myself, I would do it in a heartbeat. The idea of having some peace would be so nice.

Patric, I adore you. I am not not trying to get you back, I am trying to work through my angst concerning you. And to do that, I think the last thing I need is to be trying to win you back. Certainly I wouldn't use your dog to do it, cause that doesn't strike me as being particularly effective. Cause you would likely tell me just to keep her if I held her hostage.

Oye...really...I'm tired of crazy people.
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