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A really crappy weekend.

I'll keep it in bullet points as I've done a ton of ranting about this weekend already.

- I lost my Debit card. It is cancelled, new one is on the way for tomorrow, and I have cash. Will have to put new number into EVERYTHING from X-box to insurance. Son of a bitch!

- Roomie confessed to speaking to someone I banned from our house. She not only had him over in proximity to, (but not into), the house, she bought speed off of him. She only took it a week but you can imagine my reaction did not use very pretty language nor was it particularly meek, mild, or understanding. There was some serious discussion of asking her to move. But right now we are going with the therapy/AA approach, mostly because of this...

- Landlady lost house. She is in the process of getting it back, there was another oversight by the bank. They neglected to tell her that her payment date changed and that she was paying on the 1st and not the 22nd. Her payments were automatic, and no one thought to check on this. So they seized the house and tried to sell it but couldn't. Since no one bought it at auction, bank told landlady she could apply to get it back. So far things are looking hopeful but until I know for certain the house is hers again free and clear, I don't trust shit. Really, I would be mad at her but Wells Fargo have been absolute shits about this whole process and it makes me never want to buy a home in my life. Anyway, landlady is hopeful this will work out but if it doesn't, (which the pessimist in me is much more prepared for), she's paying a legal service to give us six months in the house before we have to move. And if we can't find one she said we can move to her place. LOL I don't know, I know this is bad for her and she's lost a ton of money already and may lose more. But really...this is the last thing I need.


Need Knight in Shining Armor NOW! Maybe Calgon...
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