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Congrats Cataragon!

You have accomplished what I have not...writing a history thesis that by its title sounds fabo! Huzzah, you are done...(doesn't it feel good)?

I can't say that I will or won't. I had this moment in a meeting today where I asked myself, "can you do HR for the rest of your life?" And I think I've decided no, but the thought of languages terrifies me. I think I shall have to get over that and suck it up, because real life is far too boring, and historical study is far too much fun.

Speaking of which, in watching History International last night, I was watching something on the Iron Mountain Storage Facility in Pennsylvania. Basically they carved out a ginormous storage area out of an old coal mind in the back hills of Pennsylvania, and they keep the largest amount of crazy ass shit there. I bet something with my name on it is in this place, it's so huge. I had a secret historians giggle, thinking that someday, when the end comes and our backs are against the wall, at least whatever remains after the fall will have Iron Mountain to go to in order to see what crap our civilization considered important. I don't know what they will make of most of it. I can see them pouring over old bank reciepts like we do over old Sumerian temple records, trying to decipher what this said about our society.

Future Historian: I see that this item here looks to be some sort of numerical quotiant, from Professor X's findings twenty years ago we know that it is something called a 'dollar amount', a way they seem to determine credit in their time. Apparantly this item here was purchased for the amount in question here. Our ancient linguistics specialists have determined that reciept is written in North American Anglo, and that the item in question reads as 'lingerie-lace teddy, black'. What any of those things are, we have yet to determine, though Professor A from the Ancient Civilizations Research Group has a theory that it might have to do with some sort of female torture device used to make women of the civilization submit to the men in a sort of strange marriage ritual.

I can only hope that this discussion is had someday.....
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