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Still grumpy, but I got away from the desk for lunch and went up to the cafe. It was OK, talked to the old boss, who now works for AV too, so it was nice. Time for nappy though...

I am being good, I am forcing myself not to zone out all night on Lego Star Wars, and to read my pile of books. On the pile so far....

1) The Celestina-what I'm reading at the moment.
2) Next book club book-I announce that this weekend.
3) The Hobbit-this is mostly because it was there when I made the pile and thus, it is in it. I haven't read it since i was in jr. high anyway, so it's good just to refresh.
4) All the Diana Gabeldon Books-I've been trying to recollect those, I only had Voyager for years, and thus feel I need to start from Outlander and work my way in again. I've never read the last two. Besides, who can go wrong with hottie, red-haired Scottish manliness....yum.
5) All the Ellis Peters books-I did buy all of those already, I've yet to sit and read them. I like Cadfael, if you guys haven't heard of that series, please go check it out.

That's just the immediate pile...I still have more where that comes from, but that's all I can handle for the moment. Yeesh.

I think I've narrowed down my Nanowrimo choice.
1) Star Wars-yes, cheesy AU, but then again, I think I can pull that off without too much of a hitch at the moment.
2) Fae story-this is mostly because Cataragon was so enthusiastic, and it's been my secret baby for eight years now, I've just not thought out the mechanics of how to make it all work. This one is less likely for Nanowrimo for that reason.

So far one is in the lead, because the exercise of this years Nanowrimo is not so much me writing something of quality, it is me writing something. I need to get off my butt and complete a story, a full story with a real plot, and I don't care if it's cheesy, bad fanfiction, it's the idea that I did it.

Besides, a lot of the fae story idea I've been thinking a bit about of late. Most of it is, "gee Jenn, you have a degree in Ancient History, and you aren't using it." This leads to the then question of, "ok, so you have a story idea about a society of fae-like creatures who live apart, but are unable to change or create, and thus are dependent on humanity for that spark of creativity they themselves do not have". And then this led to ideas of gods, goddesses, Christianity and the Early Church, and all got really messy.

You know who I'd love to write a story about....the Merovingians. That whole "Son of a Sea-god" angle would be tons of fun to play with, personally. Oh, but there are ideas, just not execution.

I don't know, I need to find someone I can discuss silly story ideas with and come up with something. I find that perhaps a lot of my biggest problem is not having someone to say "hey, have you thought of this angle?"

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