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People are in Vegas....

While otters run madly through the city streets....don't ask me, it's Fredcon.

Hope everyone is having fun. I on the other hand am going to my first Orthodox Christian wedding. This is exciting for me, as I have a warm, soft, fuzzy place for the Orthodox Church. I think it deals on the fact that I think they are prettier than most Catholic Churches, (even in Rome), and I still wish Istanbul was called Constantinople. Nevertheless, it will be fun, it's Murphy's wedding, and I'm excited. Though I forgot when looking up in the Target Registry her name is not really Murphy, it is Elizabeth, which led to several moments of frustration in trying to look up wedding gifts.

Yesterday was loverly, poking about LA by Metro train. Anyone who knows me knows I hate buses in LA, but getting from Long Beach back to Pasadena by train wasn't so bad. I have been toying around trying to get to work by train for a while. The new offices are not far from the Red Line stop in Universal City, and I don't live far from the Gold Line stop in Pasadena. But still, the extra time it takes sort of galls me, it's nearly two hours by train, it's an hour by car. *snort* You wonder why people in LA ruin the environment with their smog inducing vehicles.

Crapy, college football, need my ESPN.

Anyway, today is about the wedding. I'll drive out to Upland for that. Umlaut is working better, I'm suspecting that something about the gas is causing the check engine light to come on as I sucked down most of a tank in four days. It's unusual. I think part of it is the shoes, ironically, I need to drive in flad shoes because heels cause the gas pedal to stick a bit. That's all I can think of. IT could just be that my sensor is dumb ass.

I suppose I'll have to start saving up for my new car.
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