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No more papers, no more books...

OK, well the addiction I have to Borders means there will be lots and LOTS of books...but that's besides the point.

I am done...done, free, I'm done gradiated from the University of California, Los Angeles. That means....I can work out at night. Doh....well there has to be some work in there somewhere. The degree is out of the way, not to get to a size 10. *snork*

Or at least get the weight to a level where I'm not worried I'll die of my head exploding in a bloody gush.

I've discovered New York and Company....eeeVAL store that it is. I look cute today.

On the weirder than shit side-my work now has a fully stocked beer fridge. A beer fridge...first its Scooby Doo, now it's Bass. Perhaps this means we'll get more recuits this way.
Tags: school, work

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