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I'm running, I'm running, I'm running....

My weekend was so quiet...where did it go!

Friday was spent vegetating, as I nodded off on the couch quite early, having gotten up at 4AM to finish writing a paper. This meant Saturday was devoted to bad breakfast at Leroy's, (tater tots), wanton shopping at the mall, picking up my bike from REI, (hooray), and talking to Ty who called, so we could bitch on how Jay is a raging, anti-family dork. Then it was to be a quiet night of playing Lego Star Wars on my new DS Lite, (a grad present), and then I had to run to West LA, to give Mr. Thomas things for his trip, and then to return home. Sunday I was defiant! I stayed at home and did what I wanted. I slept in, I studied for my LA history exam, I had sushi, I rode my bike for a couple of hours. I also watched Star Wars geekery on the History Channel, and played with the DS even more. I'm starting to really get annoyed with the Lego Threepio.

Mr. Thomas is gone this week, off to New York of COMPANY stuff....and getting a nice $600 a night room out of it. Must be nice working for Satan's lawyers! LOL No, really, he just does tech, but he's off doing that, and that means all is quiet, if a bit not-as-amusing this week. Randy has been eaten by strange Italian resturants, so he doesn't amuse me as much. But hopefully he will be over tonight to bug.

School is winding down, thank God. I'm in the home stretch. I have the workings of my LA History paper in my head. I don't expect more than a B on it, because the criteria for an A is so ridiculous in my mind. I'm just going to write the best paper I can, and hope I pull the B I want. I got my much desired A on my Roman history Paper, allaying my fears on my grade. I won't hear on my other papers for a bit yet, perhaps tomorrow for Sumerian, and the Greek won't be till the final next Monday. Sort of sucky way to do it, but there you go. Anyway, I start the LA history paper tonight, the Roman history Paper later in the week, I'm working on Greek study sheet along the way, and then I'll do Sumerian as I can. Keep my head down, my eyes sharp, and I'll get through this.

I still need to buy books for Rome though...aurgh. I better order those soon.

Speaking of room is still scary. I'm dedicating Friday to cleaning it, so my parents can sleep there. I find it sucky I am relelgated to the couch for a week, especially because I LOVE my bed, but there you go. I better be getting something out of this, I paid for the ticket, I'm giving up my bed, but ehh...what can you do. They can't afford a hotel for a week, and thus there you go.

I sure wish though Linda would get that stuff out of the corner from behind the door. *sigh* Wishful thinking I suppose.

Still no shower by the's now been over a week. We finally got the pipes working but now no tile so the fixtures can be finished. Fucknuts, this place is run by monkeys. I want a shower in MY bathroom, with my showerhead which blows the neighbors showerhead out of the water.

*sigh* Good thing the neighboring apartment is empty, I'd hate to explain to them why I'm using their bath.

Off to tackle this mountain of work that got handed to me.
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