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One should slurp, munch and swallow their udon. One should not try to breath it into ones lungs, especially when one has put hot sauce in it. Ouch.

It was rainy, cold, and I didn't want a smoothie for lunch. So I got udon soup instead, since it was low in both fat and calories, and most importantly, warm. The hot sauce is the added feature because I eat everything with hot stuff on it. Well, nost everything. The Midwestern types do get squicked by my tabasco and egg combination.

Today I had two quizes, both I feel good about. Spent last night studying for the one. I was most put out all the stuff on the Alexander the Great map was left off, mostly as it took me twenty minutes of searching the main map of the Greek islands to figure out these places weren't there and were indeed on the Alexander map, and way the hell in Babylon and Afghanistan. Bugger. Anyway, I think I did all right on it.

Most people like the rain around here, it happens so infrequently. I should too, but it irritates me for numerous reasons. Most involve stupid people, because they seem to be attracted to the stuff. So when i'm driving, when I'm walking, when I'm trying to order food they stand there and stare at you like a sleepy cow. *sigh* I just want to get home and get to bed and study. That's what I want.


Back to my udon.
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