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So Linda and I found a new Chinese restuarant last night, by 99 Ranch. We were really investigating to see if it served Dim Sum, which it does during lunch and weekends. But for dinner it's normal fare, so we stayed. They had Peking Duck there, that everyone seemed to order, which seems to either indicate it's good or cheap, I couldn't tell. So I shall have to try that and compare to the one I had in San Diego. And of course we have to go back for dim sum.


Randy would love the place, things like fried goose liver with black bean sauce, that would be Randy's idea of culinary adventure. I'm not big on liver, though I like black bean sauce.

Anyway, we got a family meal, roast duck, some spicy garlic seafood with lots of squid, octopi, and eel in it, much tasty, and then a host of appetizers, and it came to around $30 for the both of us. It was good. I was so full by the end though. Yum.

Then it was back home where the lights flickered in the high wind all night. Wonderful. Especially when I was trying read Sumerian history. *sigh* And poor Mr. Thomas called frustrated that the computers he was workign on weren't working. I think it was the wind, everyone was getting cranky.

I for one crawled into bed as soon as I was done trying to determine WHERE the Sumerian underworld geographically was to Sumer, (I'm voting Mars by the way this author kept rocketing off on tangents), and turned on my fan and snuggled uner a mass of blankets happily. This was a bad idea, as when i was supposed to get up this morning, I could not. I was late getting out of bed, because the blankets had swallowed me up, yum, yum.

I'm at work now, contemplating nothing much. Might hit up my student records again. I seem to do this everyday. They don't tell me much, but I'm waiting for someone to say, "You missed this step, return to GO, do not collect $200." Paranoid much?

I have to help with Payroll today, we lost another one. That position is cursed for us or something. Suck.

Off to contemplate my toes.
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