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If the boys and I weren't all friends, we'd kill each other.

It's the past-time of myself and the boys to argue about what we want to eat. Patric likes fast and greasy, which I do not. I either like meaty or healthy, depending on my mood, but fast and greasy are not my pics usually. Randy usually wants healthier than not, and seems compelled to argue with Patric on his insistence on eating food that's bad for him.

Sometimes I really hate it when we are hungry at the boys house.

Then there are little things. I hate watching certain types of movies...well a lot of types of movies. To be honest, I'm not a movie person. To add to this, every waking moment of my time should be spent on cramming stuff into my head. I don't mind the TV on as long as it's quiet, or better yet, mute, but that's only when it's me alone. I'd rather go into another room if TV is bothersome, or if I really hate the movie. Sorry, but I grew up in a house where I was constantly subjected to movies I hated, and I rarely ever got control of the one television in the house. So I would go upstairs and read. That's my way. I don't care if you think it's polite to sit through it and grit your teeth, if you don't like it you can go elsewhere too. Yet I get yelled at if I'm at the guys house and leave the room because I'm not interested in the television. This usually leads to some sort of curfuffle, with the TV going off and people's noses out of joint, rather than just being reasonable and leaving me be. I'm happy, I'm not complaining. I start complaining when you force me to be bored to tears sitting there, unable to read because the television is distracting, and unable to think cause whatever is on is mindnumblingly stupid or dull to me.

And the complaint of "Well when I'm at your house..." doesn't hold much water. Whatever you do is your business, don't push it on me. A number of times I'm forced to watch stuff I hate at my house even because suddenly at my house I lose control of the TV. Linda and I have it down, if she wants to watch SG-1 or CSI, shows I don't have a lot of interest in, either she goes to her room or I go to mine, and we are both happy. Usually though we watch the History Channel since we both like it.

There are things the boys do to drive each other nuts. Patric is a bit neater than Randy on some levels, and they will bicker on that. Patric nitpicking will drive Randy nuts and they will bicker on that. Patric will and can be more petulant and petty in an argument, which rubs both Randy and I the wrong way, and I'll just be sheer stubborn and mad, which rubs Patric the wrong way.

There is a reason I don't live with those two...cause I need to get away after especially long doses. I need to have my space, where I can have my girlie things, where I can watch endless hours of History Channel and Food Network, or not if I chose, where I can read in peace, and where I can feel I'm not under the pressure of being endlessly engaged when sometimes I just don't feel like it. And I know they both like to get away from me and each other to do their thing. Patric likes to go and camp, and well...Randy likes to sleep. LOL

But as Patric said last night after yet another bickering session at dinner, he's glad he's got us as friends, cause we give him a warm, fuzzy feeling. Cause at the end of the day, despite the bickering, we are still friends and it doesn't interrupt the flow of us being friends.

And I guess in the end, that's what is important.
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