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Contrary to popular belief....

I did manage to get to bed last night for a brief bit....despite the massive amounts of caffeine that had me so giddy I couldn't speak straight. I went to bed at three, I climbed in, snuggled under the blankets, with ignored by racing heart and jumpy brain. I breathed deep, warmed myself up, and forced myself to think of a nice, safe place, for some reason that was a bed all warm and snuggly on Morro Bay listening to the ocean. Anyway, it worked, the brain stopped long enough for me to relax and sleep, which I did for about three and a half hours, and then I'm up again to study. I'll head out of here at 10-is to get there by 11:30, and I should be done no later than 2:30. Then it's back to my side to pick up Umlaut, hopefully, from Glendora, return, start the medieval test, and then to tutoring.

I have my medieval test at 8 AM tomorrow, I'm supposed to go to work after that. Then I tutorin in San Gabriel again, and then drive to Patric's, where I'm supposed to be get to see someone I haven't seen ain a while, and perhaps crash completely there.

For better or worse, honors or no, I'm blessedly reaching the end of finals week.
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