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I'm working on my second big pot of tea...I've finished all my writing down of every definition possible, I remember the years for the Battle of Marathon, and I can tell you the story of Peisistratus from the top of my head. This is mostly because the guy remings me of about all of Patric's characters in game ever. And just like all of Patric's characters, those he gives the reigns of power too, namely his sons, are OK for a while till they do something incrediably fucked up, (usually one of Randy or Jason's characters, never really one of Killie's), and then the whole thing crumbles like a house of cards.

Is it sad that I can relate Greek history to old SLAFC games?

In Randy's defense, he certainly had the best minion characters, and when they fucked up, it was always in particularly memorable and admirable fashion. That is the fun of Randy's characters, it's like playing the lottery, you never know what you are going to get. hyped at the moment, so stressed. Must learn more dates!
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