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It's 2 AM and there's SPARTANS on TV!

Ahhh, the real battle of Thermopylae, not this fake drudgery that some comic book artist cooked up and is now getting on screen. Here real Spartans wear hopolite armor. Having been part of Prof. Philips hopolite phalanx in class several weeks ago, I know, it's better to wear armor, then be ripped and half naked!

Hey, it's 70lbs worth of metal protection there!

I'm sooooo hyped on Vanilla Ceylon tea right now, I ain't going to bed soon, perhaps all night at this rate. I have to be up early to try and get to school in time for the grad pics, and since the foot is bum, this takes a bit of extra gimp time. Besides, I have to see Linda off to make sure she gets her meds. Lord, I'll be happ when things are normal around here.

I got the full story of what all was up with all of that. To say I'm sad and rather disappointed is an understatement, and I basically laid down the law on her. I told her how weird I feel doing this, I'm the junior here, I so don't feel like I should be the grown up in this situation. I guess I just took for granted that things like welcoming tweakers into your life is NOT a good thing, no matter how forlorn or nice they seem. I gave her six months, long enough for me to get my financial stuff in order to prove to me she can shape up and earn my trust again as a roommate. She is on probation as it were. I said that she needs to prove to me that she can a) not let anyone outside of Patric and Randy into the house, b) she is not to befriend or take in any more wastrails, hard luck cases, or tweakers who need a new chance at life, and any I see around the hosue will have the cops called on them, c) she is not to be associated with or bring anywhere near this house any paraphanalia that might in any way get herself or myself arrested for illegal substances, d) at the first sign of depression or paranoia she is to see her doctors, she is to talk to her therapist, but she is not to ignore it or let it get to such a point that she gets herself in messes that endanger not only herself but myself. If any of these conditions are not met at any point, I'm leaving, no questions asked. I'm packing my stuff and moving to the boys if I have to. I'll stay in the spare room with the laundry and Randy's weird beer making stuff if it means I don't have to have my shit jacked, my home invaded, and my law-abiding reputation sullied, (well I have to have some part of my reputation that isn't sullied, right? I wouldn't know what drugs were if you waved them in front of my pot, thanks to Sam Silverman I will never forget the smell of pot....ugh.)

If in the time it takes me to get my first really good paying job, (not the pittance I made in Coding), and my affairs in order enough that I feel I can move again, she has made these improvements, I will agree to have her as a roomie. If not, I'm moving out, I'll advertise for another roomie, and hope for the best. This is why I want to wait till I have the financial savings to do it, because I might have to pay full rent by myself for a while before finding someone to live with. Till then I'm keeping an eye on my shit. I can't keep my $500 racing bike on me at all times, but I have my expensive computer, my new Ipod, and my phone on me all the time now, so that I know where they are. Linda has been told that the doors are to remain shut at all times, and that they are to remain locked when neither of us is downstairs. This is another new house rule. If any of these weirdo, asshole neighbors come by here, I will call the police. They are not to be here, and I don't care what wild stories they start up, I don't want them around here. They use fear and blackmail to get Linda to do what they want, and being the non-confrontational person she is, she meekly lets them walk over her. So I'll call the police on their ass. I don't care, they don't have shit on me, as I don't do anything, I don't talk to them, I don't associate with them, and perhaps the worst I've done is drive after having a beer or two.

So that's the new reality at the house. We shall see how this works. It's the last change I'm giving her on this, and in a way it's allowing me time to find what I want and need in a home. Perhaps if she can manage to get her life on track enough, she can come with. But I won't hesitate if she does not. I feel rather odd, as I am not the type to just walk away like that, the few times I've ever done it were situations that were really ones I felt I needed to extricate myself from, not for anything personal or hostile, but because they were bad sitations. This would be one of those few situations if that was the case.

So we will see. I adore Linda, she's family to me, she is. My Dad considers her family, that's a big deal, (though I must point out my father also considers Scott, one of the Jewell gang, and Randy like family, and knowing them both, I can't say I'd really want to be related by blood to either of them. I've got enough weirdos I'm genetically related to). But even my family I've had to show tough love to at various times and occasions, and so I must with her. Hopefully this will get through to her finally, because God knows my passive aggressive condemnation of all this sure as hell didn't.


Anyway, I'm supposed to be writing a paper that's due at 11 today. I'm almost done with it, and it's ironically on Cylon of Athens, funny since I'm watching the story of the real 300. I could have actually done this paper on that, since the second prompt was "how did the Greeks beat Xerxes according to Herodotus", but I doubt he'd accept the HIstory Channel as a credible source.

Speaking of which, Java_Fiend, what's your Med Profs name, I think I might have seen her on TV tonight!

I haven't seen any of mine lately, but I'm slightly disgruntled that half a quarter's worth of lecture information was all in one show on the Franks last night. Could have saved me trying to make it through 405 traffic during morning rush hour.

I best go finish the paper, and hope this caffeine high wears off soon so I can get some sleep. Else tomorrow is going to suck.
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