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And the cherry on this shit sundae...

If it wasn't so painful, I'd be laughing...

I was walking to my class this afternoon when my right ankle inexplicably turned on me, throwing me to the ground, and pulling every muscle in my foot. Nothing was broken, thankfully, the foot isn't purple or swollen, but walking on it is a challenge.

And you know how it happened....

There was a chip in the brickwork on the sidewalk that caught my high-heeled sandled just right, and turned my show and with it my ankle. And I had nothing to grab onto to break my fall.

So now I'm at the boys, my foot hurts like hell, I have ice and a bandage on it. I call Dr. Gita to ask her what I should do, (pretty much what I described), and I'm wondering how the hell I'm getting to class tomorrow. I missed monday, I can't miss tomorrow.

At least there is cute Enterprise guy who can drive me to get Umlaut since I'm gimpy....

Wow, I haven't hurt myself this bad in years. It's "Jenn's in tears from the pain of walking" bad.

Anyone got some crutches they can lend me? LOL
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