Beshter (beshter) wrote,

Pandora's box....

Sometimes it's best to just leave things be and not poke at them. Cause it always reminds you of things you are trying to forget, which makes you grumpy. Like how stupid you were when you were young, or old fights or disagreements. Perhaps it's just me. This is why I, this historian ironically enough, like to leave the past be for the time being, till I can look at it objectively. I hate digging it up.


Speaking of pasts, apparantly Patric's ex moved to Colorado last week. This is a good thing in my opinion, though others disagree. I don't know, I just ultimately want her to be happy, and I like thinking moves are a chance for fresh chances and starts you know. Out with the old, icky past, in with the new, bright future. I'm a bit of a dynamic person in that sense anyway. It seems weird, but you know, I hope in the long run she's going to find the peace that wasn't afforded out here for all the various reasons.

If nothing else there is no driving to Century City every day, and you know what, that would give ME peace.

Best of luck to her and her sister.

Speaking of moving on, Mr. Moles is thinking about school again.

Now I'm not opposed to school, I'm not, I think it's a brilliant idea. Having done it myself, I know the value of a 4 year degree. I hope he knows what he's in for. I'm very proud of him though. My little brother's alls grows up! Well....then my own little brothers are doing school too.....hmmmmm...I suppose I'm proud of them too, but don't tell them that. They at least knew how to make toast though, and well....yeah, they could cook, Randy has come a long way in that.

He'll be a great chef someday, as long as he doesn't cut off a finger. If he does though, he can tell everyone it's a war wound!

Speaking of war wounds, there a story in Plutarch that made me think of Patric, about an Athenian tyrant who fakes his own wounds to gain his own personal guard which he uses to aid him in his grab for power. All I could think of was "SEE MY WOUND!!!!!!" Mwahahahaha.

I'm jealous of Mr. Thomas, he was eating cereal and watching cartoons this morning. I wasn't. *sniff* I shall go beat him up this afternoon for that.

I'm all contemplative now, and for some reason I'm thinking of Reece and Jenn, women who sort of meandered into my lives, and who I don't get to see nearly enough of and wished I did. I'm rather glad to know them, because they have the wisdom of being older than me, and the acceptance of people who've done many silly things all their own of their lives, which has taught them not to be judgemental. And even more, they are just kind, loving souls, who make me feel so much better about being young and occasionally dumb. I hope I will have half the grace they do.

And perhaps the spite of Jenn, cause well I like it when she gets mad. It's funny. Just don't get mad at me.

Off to a quick shower, some lunch, pack my stuff, and off to a meeting with my group in West LA.
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