Beshter (beshter) wrote,

Quiet weekend.....

My weekend has been blessedly peaceful...aaahhhh....

Friday night I was tired. I had this mad need for jambalaya and catfish, and not being as cool as Cat in New Zealand, I have to make jambalya from a box. So off to the store to grab some Zatarans, Louisana hot smoked sausage, and shrimp. I planned to use the catfish I had at home. I ran home, got dinner started, changed into workout clothes and worked on my abs for a bit, (much to their chagrin). By that time dinner was nearly done, so I changed into jammies, and dished up a couple of plates of VERY spicy jambalaya, (I always doctor mine with Randy's friend's Death Powder), and settled in to watch even more Macross Saga with Linda. She's been liking it a lot, though I have to stop and explain things she misses, she has a very one track mind and is easily distracted. But for some reason she brought the move "The Queen", and this lead to me have to explain all the dirty laundry of the House of Windsor for the past 100 years, down to the current queen's grandfather. Anyone who knows me knows that the British royals are sort of a pastime for me, so for the next two hours I explain why I think George V was maligned by his nitwit son, how Edward VIII was a poncing asshole, and why it is that Elizabeth comes off the way she does. All my conjecture really, as I'm neither a subject of the House of Windsor-Mountbatten (as they are called now I suppose), nor do I make it an in depth study. Still, I got bored really quickly, though Linda was happy, and I set about watching some Robotech before bed.

Saturday I spent the morning in bed reading Lady Chatterley's Lover, and finished that up. I wrote a review on the Time4reading community, but I like Salamet found the book a bit flat, caught up in a place and time I couldn't relate to much anymore. Groundbreaking, yes, but not to a modern, and it gets sort of caught up in the ideas of someone post-Victorian, post-WWI, post-height of Industrial Revolution England. I'd use this book in a paper though....I'd leave out the random swear words though. LOL

So after finishing the book and eating my naughty breakfast for the week, I got myself together and went to tutor in Monterey Park, which was pleasant, then back to Monrovia for a trip to Target for toilet paper and workout shorts, mine have fallen apart. Considering I've had them ten years though, there's a reason for that. But traffic was against me, I got stuck on the 10 East, and instead of getting off on San Gabriel and driving up like I should have, (since it would have deposited me by the East Pasadena Target), I stubbornly stuck it out on the 10 to the 605. So this puts me in a cranky traffic mood already as I've had nothing but cranky traffic for the last two days. I get back to Monrovia, get to my Target, run in and find what I need, and planned on running to the Santa Anita mall to grab Choke, but rather than take my usual route there, which runs north of the mall, I decided to take the southern one since that's closer to the bookstore. But Huntington Dr. on a Saturday afternoon is a bitch to drive, and it took me about 15 minutes longer than neccessary to get to the mall. To add to the mess, it was a race day on Saturday. The Santa Anita mall is actually build right next to the famous Santa Anita Racetrack, which is gorgeous and I hope to go to one day for a race, rather than the mall. The problem with that is that while the mall doesn't bitch about people who go to the races parking in mall parking spots, the racetrack does bitch about people going to the mall parking in race track parking spots. And it's a Saturday, so there are tons of people there for both. Bitch! I thought about just driving past and going to my favorite bookstore, Vromans, in East Pasadena, (again, driving up San Gabriel would have been SOOOO much smarter), but being stubborn, I cruise the mall parking lot looking for parking.

Since I have to do this excercise at school, you can sense I'm less than thrilled with this development. I'm even less thrilled when I'm stuck sitting for ten minutes because some woman had to not only take her sweet time unloading her babystroller which seemed to hold everything but her kid, but she had it parked right in a lane of traffic so I couldn't get around the SUV parked waiting for her slow ass while she put away her Nordstrom bags and sipped her mocha-caffe-kaka. Anyway, I finally found a spot in the parking garage, not too far away from the bookstore, and grabbed a snack to relieve the headache quickly forming behind my eyeballs, and ran to Borders to get what I needed. THe book was right on the first shelf I went to, just like that, and I also grabbed a book on the friendship of Tolkein and Lewis that I noticed online while doing research on my group project. They didn't have the 2nd Sandman graphic novel, though they had all the others, bastards. I'll check out Vroman's sometime about it.

Then it was off to home, finally, where I worked out again, then put the chicky on in the rotisserie. I love the rotisserie, I just stick the bird in and it comes out perfect. I then proceeded to take a bath and soak in Japanese Cherry Blossom scented bathwater while reading the new book, and up to check on dinner. Linda had been poking. I won't deny it bugged me, I hate it when other people mess with my cooking. I don't mess with theirs. But I know she didn't mean much, so I kept my mouth shut. Chicky was about done, but I let it crisp up, while I chatted to Mr. Thomas, and then yanked it. Perfect crispy skin, it reminded me of the Peking duck Reece had us eat last time I was there. Yum. Anyway, a good dinner, more Macross, Linda really digs on it, and off to bed where I read a bit.

So far today I woke up after having this weird dream where I got felt up by hottie professor, (the hottie one from last year). Mwahahahaha. And there was something involving a Christmas dinner, I don't get it. Anyway, I don't remember much of it, but it was darn amusing. Must be all this talk of sex in these books we've been reading lately.

OK, well off to plot my Greek history paper now.
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