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Just to those who are interested in my LJ community....

That if you are participating in the book club we have, there is a Live Journal community on line with which you can post ideas, thoughts, or even just random, "OMB!" moments. You can even talk about other books you are reading in addition to the selection of the month, share the wealth with everyone.

Post by going to your "Post to Journal" page, and clicking on the icon with your LJ name. Under there it should have Time4Reading if you are a member, and drag down to that. This allows you to post to the community. When you write up your post, the button on the bottom should say "Post to Time4Reading". That way we can all see and share in your thoughts.

If you know anyone who might be interested, even if they don't have an internet connection, let them know. If they have anything to share, but can't get on, be so kind as to help them out if you can, post on their behalf. This is a way that all of us can connect through literature, and doing that we also need to share our ideas.

If you have problems with LiveJournal, or if you want to know how to post without figuring out an account, feel free to shoot me a line here at or look me up on LiveJournal as 'Beshter'.

Happy reading!


(To everyone else, move along, move along, nothing going on over here...)
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