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Post Midterm let down...

Not a let down in a bad way, a let down in that I sort of crumpled into myself.

So I finished the test with a hand that hadn't that hard and fast since before I got the computer a year ago. I proceeded to dazedly make my way to work, where I found a whole list of things to do as Ana is out Friday and Tuesday, and spent my time running between buildings as well as between offices, before settling to some paperwork. After an hour of that and finishing "Spaceship Titanic" on my Ipod, (you haven't been amused till you've had Terry Jones voice acting a hysterical sex scene between an LA lawyer and an alien), I meandered to the coding section for a bit where one of the old coders came by, and it was nice to see her. Then back to the desk for another hour or so, before clearing up, chatting to the old boss as I hadn't talked to her all week, then running out the door to get to San Gabriel by 5:30.

Anyone who knows Pasadena traffic knows that the main artery through Pasadena is the 210 Freeway, which cuts the cities of Pasadena, Arcadia, and Monrovia north and south. To get anywhere in any of these places means either taking the freeway, problematic when traffic is sucking, or learn city streets around, which can be surprisingly fast considering that some people are sheep and figure that by sticking to the freeway they will get there just as fast as city streets. That's not to say this isn't true on occasions, but for the majority of the time, you just get off and find alternate routes. Thankfully I've had to do this many times. Normally on a weekday the traffic heading east out of Glendale backs up usually around Lake in Pasadena, and doesn't let out again till some place in San Bernardino County, usually somewhere between Upland and Ontario. On a Friday night before a weekend, this is worse. A Friday night before a long weekend is worst still as the freeway is clogged with motor homes and misguided folk heading to Death Valley and Vegas for he weekend. Pain in the arse for me as I live two cities past where it starts getting clogged. Never fear, I learned the city route to get anywhere in busy traffic, and it gets me to the right road I need to get to my tutoring session in San Gabriel. But traffic southbound on San Gabriel Blvd. from Pasadena to San Gabriel is sort of sticky, and I get there 15 minutes late. Fine as I saw my charge just meandering in from hanging with his buddies down the street at precisely that time.

By the time I was done doing basic algebra with him, (he is a nice kid, but boy was I tired), my brain had fried itself. Tired, cranky, and wanting little more than a beer, something involving a lot of grease, and anime to preoccupy my brain, I called Domenicos in Arcadia to order a big pizza for dinner. One with tomato and basil on one side and mushroom and spinach on the other, I hate meat on my pizza. I then proceeded to confirm that all parties supposed to be at my house were indeed arrived, and stopped by 7-11 to grab some Stella Artois, and by Domenicos to get the pizza, then the four blocks home to my house in Monrovia to settle in jammies, pizza, Robotech, and trying to explain a very complicated plot to Linda who seems to never be able to just sit and watch a movie and just figure it out as you go along.

Yesterday was spent in a blissful whirlwind of getting hair done, (it's cut, it's cut, finally), shopping, driving around aimlessly, more shopping, tracking up into the mountains above my house not once, but twice, to see what was to be seen, (I didn't know there were so many damns in the mountains here), and when I was tired, my feet were sore, and I was blissfully relaxed, I returned home to put on my new jammies purchased at Target, (as I've been wanting some forever), and more Robotech, with more explaining to Linda. I don't mind, but it's hard when she has trouble sitting still and watching the whole thing through. Means re-watching a lot of parts.

Today I have one tutoring session. The boys who I was tutoring are no more, rather their parents realized the one boy having the most trouble needs more help than I could give, which I sort of was trying to tell everyone from the beginning. So I'm done there, and only have one kid on the weekends, who I will go tutor now. Then I'll come home putter, (I have to record something for my old UB group back at Truman St. for a retirement party for one of the directors), and then out to the West Side. I was going to work for Angelique today, but as she hasn't called me I don't know how that is happening. I'll spend the next day poking at the boys, I have to call Michael about game on Monday night, and then it's work on Tuesday morning, followed by class, and then back to the boys as normal on Tueday night. *yawn*

I have school worries, but I'm not thinking about that today. I'm enjoying being in bed late on a Sunday morning, contemplating a new writing venture, eating Special K, and snuggling under a fuzzy KC Chief's blankie. I'll worry about those things later.
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