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Papers, puzzles, and plenty of sleep...

I skipped class today mostly because I have a paper to write and a presentation to work up. But I'm also tired, and having had no downtime over the weekend, I need a bit of a rest.

I spoke to Paul the Supervisor, and he's OK with the DR thing. And he and I chatted over the 5-year-old who is having so much trouble. That seem to give me some new heart on the matter. And I'll take Salamet's advice on how best to deal with hyperactive boys and trying to engage them in their letters.

So now I have to call DR and see what the lowdown is with Kantar. I'll see if they can make it work my while to leave my severance and go work for them, which at this point I'm seriously considering. And I might talk to Kevin and see if he can't let me help him out too, or at least see if there is another coder who could use the money from him. I don't know. All rather confusing.

Anyway, I'm off to do some homework now.
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