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Sunday Morning...

So I've been up and read my Bible on this Sunday, (well finished up Genisis for class), I have posted a book for this months book club selections, (check out is you are interested), and read the intro of this months book, and am now preparing to read an article by Teo, shoot him an email, work out, get lunch, and go tutor for a bit.

Wow, gone are the days when I could just be lazy, ehhh.

Anyway, it looks like my weekend tutoring sessions are going to move on Sundays to earlier in the day, which makes me happy as I want to see the Super Bowl. I always want to see the Super Bowl, but this year it has Peyton Manning, who I have wanted to see go for years. I was mildly distressed to see an article in Time yesterday arguing why it was that Peyton Manning sucks and why we should want him to lose. I concluded this man must be a Tom Brady fan, bitter and trucculent, and somehow wrote well enough to get into one of my favorite news magazines. *sniff* Frankly, I hadn't heard from the experts a lot of his negative opinion claims, because many in football respect him as a player and athlete, and that isn't to say that Tom Brady isn't worthy of respect, (I think he is, as well as being mighty fine), I just find it hard to think that anyone could seriously claim in a news article that Peyton Manning is 'pompous' and 'over-paid'.

But then Time is a NEWS magazine, not a sports magazine, so there you go.

Anyway, I need to write a paper by Thursday, 8-9 pages, and I'm stuck. I'll have to think this over. I want to use the Epic of Gilgamesh, Ovid's Metamorphisis, and Genisis, but I can't think if I want to follow one archtype between the three and see what happens with them, of if I want to compare female sexuality between the three. I thought about crime/punishment, one of the other prompts, but we get into some weird gray areas in Genisis, (thinking of the rape of Dinah. So yeah, I'm not sure. I'll give it a good think, I want to get started on that tomorrow.

Off to read Teo's article. How weird it isn't for his class.
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