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I'm rather beat. The trek to Baldwin Park, home, to UCLA, to San Gabriel, and home again wipped me out. And I still have a quiz to study for.

Bugger it all.

Caron-bean seems to be online, that makes me happy. I miss Caron-bean. I've feeling in a particularly female friend missing mood.

I have this overwhelming urge to make a high tea and have people come over, but I'd need a tea set first, and then I'd have to make the food. And all the female types I know live far away.

This is bothering me tonight.

Not that I don't love Patric and Randy to bits, but they like action movies, their house smells like socks, and they like shooting at things on Patric's big screen.

But Patric does have a tea set. And Randy can make girlie sandwiches.

Sadly, it is still not the same.
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