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Death by cholesterol...

Emeril, you mad man, that much cheese will choke a horse.

Well as suspected, there wasn't much to a scam of word processing from home. Linda might do it for a few extra dollars, but it's not worth it unless there is a free spot to post classifieds on the net. Ugh.

Hate worrying about money.

Anyway, on the good news, I have my class ring. It's SOOOO pretty, I shall have to post a picture of it that is good. I've happily got it on right now. Six months from now, I'll be a graduate.

Six months can't come soon enough.

Come end of March I'll get a job at DR at least, it won't be for long, but its something to tide me over till I can get a full time job over there.

Mmmm, pork chops.
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