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I'm glad...

I tend to be a much more decisive person than a lot of people. Not to say I'm decisive every time, the infamous, "so what do you want to do/eat" always elicits an 'i don't know' from me, usually because I am either a) not thinking about it, so thus have no opinion, or b) am ambivalent and thus have no opinion.

But when it comes to things I want, I am much more decisive, and tend to ask for opinions much less. This does tend to get me in trouble as people who do have opinions do get their noses out of joint with me. But then I rarelly even have an emotional dilema when it comes to simple tasks and irritate my friends by trying to gain consensus on the everyday matters, (or not so everyday matters) of my life. I have a mind of my own, even if it does step on people's toes.

I wish all my friends thought that way.
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