October 22nd, 2007


On Chiefs, Nano, and other things...

Yes, Javafiend, my Chiefs did win at the Black Hole. I'm sorry to my many Raider Nation friends, but I am pleased, because I didn't have high hopes the first two games of this season. I still think it's touch and go for my Chiefs, but David Huard is not sucking too bad, (he's about on even keel, even if he's no Payton or Tom). But it was a good game on all sides.

I think I have narrowed my Nanowrimo choice. I'm writing on the 'fae' concept, but since they were never really fae, they are no longer called that. Instead they are the 'makakeem' because that is what they are, at least in their stories, but as they don't make up the stories, who knows what they are really.

Confusing, yes I know...so if you are interested, read behind the cut....Collapse )

Thanks to Salamet for helping me work it out, and Cataragon for voting for it.

I'm swamped at work this week, trying to find a receptionist for our NY office and finishing the New Hire Orientation. I don't feel good today, (hormones, ugh), but I'm here. I think tonight is going to be low key, with me fixing a salard for supper and curling up with football and Anne of Green Gables. I feel exhausted already and it's only 10. Part of that is just normal for this sort of day anyway. Ugh.


So my boss tells me her parents neighborhood in San Diego has been evacuated, including her brother and father, (who'd not leave unless the fire was on top of them). So it's likely their house is going to be gone by nightfall. Patric said one of his co-workers emailed in to tell the office her neighbors had been evacuated.


And then there is Salamet's family, who she swears are fine, but I worry about them too. Fires, fires everywhere, thankfully I'm safe and sound in the Pasadena region. But I am praying for all my friends stuck in the fire regions. Be safe.
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