September 11th, 2007


A shoulder to cry on...

I called Caron-bean, (Copperdragonfly), last night on a whim, some itch in my brain told me to call her. We spent two hours on the phone while we chatted. She mostly vented. Life has been a bit tough for the Caron-bean. Everyone assumes everything is peaches and cream because 'now she's married'. And as far as hubby goes, life is peaches and cream. Mike is a great guy, and I said that then, and I say that now. But the rest of her personal life is sort of sucking her dry of late. Stuff with her Mom's health, stuff with her Grandma's health, and everyone's sort of abandoned her. And I admit, that sucks.

I tried cheering her up, I think I did. She needs to open up a bit more to people and tell them when she feels hurt. And in return, she needs to talk to these people and see if they feel hurt themselves, sometimes they do. And perhaps she can work through this and find that people aren't meaning to hurt her feelings, or she theirs, but that there isn't any communication going on, and when that happens, all sorts of noses get out of joint.

I know from PAINFUL experience.

Anyway, hope I made her feel better last night.

Today I had to give career advice to Randy. Sometimes I shake my head, but he's his own person and must make his own decisions. I wonder sometimes about him...LOL

I'm Ms. Advice columnist of late.

I realized that I don't want what I brought for lunch today, because I'm having it for supper. Must contemplate what to do.
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