August 27th, 2007


Why this day sucked....

Well, for starters, Umlaut had broken me.

I dont mean a little, like emotinally damaged, crying my eyes out, begging Patric to take care of this for me sort of broken. It's been nearly three months of me piecing her back together, and to be ripped off, and still not have a working car, I'd had enough. All Pep Boys could do was shrug, all Greg, my mechanic could do was say go yell at Pep Boys. In tears I called Patric, who came over, with a plan of action, and set things straight. Umlaut went straight to the dealership this morning, and come to find out it was some blown fuses, (I kept insisting they hadn't checked those things), a bolt, which was causing the engine shimmy, and a few other electrical odds and ends. They said today it was ready.

I get to work after dealing with this all morning, and arrive at our new place, someone stole my parking spot, I couldn't find the front door, and then it turns out my computer was never moved and is now, indeed, lost. Yep, that's right, my work computer with all my HR documents is now lost. Great, real smooth, it's not like I don't have the resumes of prospective candidates, with names, addresses, phone numbers, and email addies all in there. So they just sort of held up their hands, shrugged, and said, "it will turn up".

Company property will just....turn up.

Anyway, so it's a bit hard to be effective at my job when I can't access my databases or information. Nice.

And the new office is frickin' cold. And we have no thermastat. So I'm going to bring a blanket for tomorrow, damn all appearances. It's my protest for losing my damn computer. (I'm the only one in the company sans one, mind you, and I packed it following all the rules)

I was sore, cranky, and facing a disgusting drive home, (including one accident on my 'shortcut'), and so I decided to stop by for pastrami at The Hat, and then chocolate cake and beer at home. Fuck this day with a red hot pocker.

At least Zompus gave me cookie monster.
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