August 8th, 2007


I'm home..

I've been home for a week, but between birthday and nasty cold inherited from someone on the trip, I've been in communicado this week. But I saw Salamet saw me over the weekend, and that was blissful fun. I loved Rome, it was wonderful, but I wanted to be home and was glad to have Patric, Randy, and Megan to come home to...oh and barbecue.

Yes I've read Harry Potter. Yes I've squeed much. Yum, it was fun. And I saw the movie while in Italy. That was fun as well.

Rome...I will have much more to say on that, I will post my journal on here in a post when it's all done. I will also have pictures soon when I get them off the camera.

Best part, Florence. Worst part, the sunburns I incurred.

Thirtieth birthday....that was wonderful. No one made me cry this year, that was a plus, and I got two trips to the Hollywood Bowl out of it. THe one blot was that I didn't get a message from my father, because of issues with my step-sister and her baby. Not so good there, the baby was born with fluid on the brain. She seems to be doing better now, but we won't know for a bit what sort of damage was done, and what that means for Erin.

But I'm 30....yikes. Thanks to everyone who wished me happy birthday. And btw, Reece and Jenn, you have stupid tourist presents waiting for you at my house that will get to you when next I'm down.

Lots and lots of changes going on and I can't wrap my brain around them just yet. One thing that hasn't changed....the location of my work. I laughed at that. I'm still in Eagle Rock for the moment. Yikes, I don't know if we are ever going to move.

BTW: It's very weird to come home from Rome where you had been contemplating finding the person who did your first tattoo to get a new one, (I found my Michael at the top of Castel San Angelo), and then you see her on a billboard on Hollywood Blvd. Apparantly Kat, who did my ankle tattoo, (and I found through Brimstone, Patric's old roomie), went to Miami for a while and was on Miami Ink on TLC for a while, and now has her own show, LA Ink. I hadn't watched the former obviously, else I would have noticed. I am glad for her, she does awesome work, if you hadn't noticed my own tat. Joe's tattoo was the best, the one of his angel wings was enough to make you cry. Well me at least, I love angels. But I suppose this means that I shall have to find another tat artist if I want my Michael, since Kat is now famous. Le sigh.

I've been resting mostly since I got home. Patric got me Star Wars for the Xbox for my birthday and I played lots of that last week. And then since coming home, to my blessed bed, I've slept, unpacked, straightened my room, and lots of baby shows. Actually I'm sick of the baby shows to be honest, but they are awfully cute. I got to watch several midwifery shows, so I got to know a bit more about what Meghan does, which was nice. Yay!

However, I've decided that epidurals are good things. God, I wish they would stop showing alien shows on the History Channel, this is to sugary cute.

OK, so I think I'm off to update "Time4Reading". I think I've caught up on the last two weeks of LJ at least. And then I will contemplate what to make for dinner. God, I'm so glad to be back home in America where I can make food for myself.


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All is quiet....

You'd think you people fell off the face of the earth! I only went to Rome, I at least have an excuse. (Cross post from Time4Reading)

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Now don't forget everyone, our book for August is Dry by Augustus Burroughs. I've got it already, and it looks really fun. I hope to start it tonight. And by the way gang, what did you all think of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows? Leave a review on here if you want.

Enjoy our August reading everyone.