May 2nd, 2007


What the hell...

It's not my day...

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My brother just got his house closed today, and he, his wife, and three kids are moving in this weekend. I'm very happy for him, he's been working hard at it for the last two years, and it's a big milestone for him, his first house. Now he's talking school for himself. His work says they'll pay for him to finish his nursing degree, and he's been talking to people at Missouri State, (where the brother between he and I went to school), and he can get into a program that's a blended BS/Masters of Science of Nursing degree in five/six years, (about what it would normally take, with fewer classes). At the end of the day he'd be able to be a nurse practioner, and he's really excited about it. Jill, his wife, is really pushing for it, and I think it would be good for all of them. He'd have a great job and make a good living for his family, and he can go anywhere and do it, and there are so many jobs he could do, from working in a private practice, to working admin for a large hospital. Depends on what he'd like to do. I think it's marvelous, and I'm pushing him towards that. I told him if I can do it, anyone else can. So hopefully it will work out, he's been talking about it for years. Now he just has to suck it up and do it. Maybe by the fall he'll enroll at Missouri St.

Of course, this limits my ability to recruit his kids to UCLA, now that their father and uncle will have gone to MSU. Oh, my plans....

Anyway, I'm off to either study or vegetate...haven't decided which.

Why I hate critics...

I don't see why the critics are whining about the offical photo Annie Lebowitz took of Queen Elizabeth before her visit here to the United States...

Frankly, I thik the picture is lovely, yes it's staid, grand, and old fashioned, but hell, so is a monarchy. If it were a portrait of her hanging with the fam, if it was her grandson just taking a photo for a mag, and not in an official capacity, it would be different. But I'm sorry, this is the British Monarch, despite all the hype about the Queen. I want something that strikes me as regal, decorous, and above all, graceful, all of which I saw in this photo. Despite the family issues, the scandals, and the changing world, Elizabeth is still the queen, and I think that has been perfectly encaptulated in this photo. I don't find it fussy, 'glammed out', or mass produced.

Sometimes I wonder about British critics...seriously, some hate this pic. And for the life of me I can't figure out why. To much like Helen Mirren they say, frankly Elizabeth was around before that movie, and why should she or Annie Lebowitz forgo tradition because of Hollywood? And being a stupid American over here, perhaps I don't get the fuss over why traditional is bad. It's not even exactly a real, 'state portrait', but something very lovely in my mind.

Critics are really fucking stupid at times. All I have to say to Annie Lebowitz and Her Majesty is that it's a beautiful photo, and that the world is full of idiots.
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OK, it's not a real dilemma, but it's a nag is what it is.

My college roomie, Faith, had been my best friend all through my years at Jewell. Despite the fact she annoyed the piss out of a lot of people, (who all love her husband), I stood up for her because, that is what I do. She was my friend, and I loved her, and I guess I still do.

We stopped talking really after her first child. I guess it happens when kids come into the scene, but there was a lot of hurt feelings on my part, and I admit, I didn't confront them. I felt that if she really wanted me to be a part of her life she wouldn't poo-poo me or ignore me. Perhaps that was wrong in my belief. I've nursed this wounded feeling for a long time, helped along by the irritation she engenders in the rest of our group of friends. I guess I got tired of sticking up for someone who didn't seem to care about my existance. I was wrong in this, sure, but there you go.

So this has been years now. She hasn't really been involved in my life, like Caron and Gita have, and to a much lesser extent Mel, and hell, even Kari, the least sociable of the bunch. At least I know Kari likes seeing me, I can't always be sure with Faith. Anyway, so I was discussing with Bridget (aka: Gita), whether or not to send Faith an announcement. After all, I'd like her and Josh to know, but I feel so out of the loop with their lives, I wonder if they would care. The thing is I know how people in this bunch get their noses out of joint over such things. We send graduation and wedding invitations to EVERYONE, hell we are nearly ten years out of college, and we still go to everyones weddings and send announcements of everyones kids. So it's the right thing for me to do to include them too.

Why do I feel so petty about it?

This is in light of my pettiness rant against Linda, and I think that stuck it up really. It donned on me I should send her one, and that I don't even have her addie in Nebraska anymore. I know they live somewhere in the middle of the state, but that's it. I'm sure someone has it, more than likely Kari, and I can ask, and I will be polite and send one. I know she'll be thrilled. But I still feel like if she cared so much, why wasn't she the one who was listening to me bitch and moan about papers, like you guys, or Patric, or Caron and Bridget? Hell, Gita is flying out for my damn graduation, and Caron would if she wasn't doing that, "I'm getting hitched" thing.

I know I'm holding on to a grudge I need to let go of, and I shall be the bigger person.

Glad to know we can still be young and have teenage angst once in a while. LOL
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