April 3rd, 2007


Back to the grind with honors....

Honors is secure...I'll be walking with the cords after all, that is if they let me graduate. I've yet to hear, but as my last grade only got in today, it might be a while before they get to it. I should hear by May on that, or if they need to move my grad date to Summer since I'm doing the Rome thing. Either way, I'm done technically after that, so I'll bay the $20 fee to change it, fix my FAFSA and there you go, no skin off'n my nose.

Weekend in a nutshell---did laundry, must teach Patric difference between Downey and Tide. But clothes smell like lavender vanilla, even if some of them are detergent stained now. Went to Balboa with Mr. Thomas. Had lots of fun sitting on the beach and looking at gorgeous houses on the island. Most had UCLA banners, and we've decided that this must be where I move to someday. I don't know, I can't imagine Christmas in a beach house.

Also managed to get a dim sum trip in over the weekend, which was good, and to learn how to play Lego Star Wars, which was way too much fun. Made me wish I owned an Xbox, and then realized I'd own it and play three games on it. Perhaps I'll find it for Mac or Windows. I also gamed with the boys, which made everyone happy. Thought of a great idea for my old Sabbat character, Anastasia, who is currently in my mental game play sitting somewhere in Sierra Madre brooding on how to get even with Azul and Max Torvisco for the death of Graft and the driving out of her and her sire, cause...she's kooky and thinks it's all those Lasombra.

Yesterday I did the Planned Parenthood thing. I think putting hot pokers through eyeballs is more fun than that. Four hours, FOUR HOURS, me sitting around, reading Winds of War, and getting a dull ache in my hip bone, (the arthritis hates sitting liek that for that long), and then to have a nurse practitioner be snooty with me when I was slightly dazed from sitting for an hour waiting for her in a cold check up room. Needless to say, she checked the BP, it was 137 over 70, only a tad high on the top, I have no idea what it's that low on the bottom. But I am in the process of losing weight, it's already helped, (it's better than from September), and now I just need to get it knocked down the last few points to the 120 range, and then to keep it there. I did get the Nuvaring, I'll see if I like it, if that helps the BP stay down with the lower estrogen dose, I'll keep it. If it doesn't make much difference either way and I hate it, I'll go back to the Alesse. But there is no question now, I have to keep the weight down to below the 200 mark come hook or crook, else it's BP for me, and I'm trying to avoid that for a while. I'll just have to worry about if I want to have babies someday, which I do, and what that will do. But I'm sure that when that eventuality happens someday, I can talk to doctors about it then and we can work something out. Till then, I'm getting the weight down and the BP down, if it's the last thing I do.

The new class schedule started. I will love late Roman history, which is just my medieval class from last semester, just from the Roman rather than the Barbarian perspective, and then Classical Greece. That will suck, mostly because of dates. Then I have the History of Ancient Near Eastern Religions today as well as the History of LA, which I know nothing about. So we shall see.

Oh, this weekend is EASTER if anyone is interested, I plan on doing roast beast, (that would be lamb), and yummy stuff for Sunday night dinner. I'd also like to watch stupid Biblical sword and sandal movies, I always loved Ben Hur, if I can find them, in honor of the day Jesus died after teaching all the good stuff about the Kingdom of Heaven, only to have it turned into what it is now...the modern church. LOL So if anyone is interested in eating deviled eggs, feel free to come on by. Otherwise it will just be Linda and I, which I'm cool with. Feel free to come on down.

Off to find some other productive way to waste my time.