March 30th, 2007


Unholy addiction...

Anyone who knows me knows I have a thing for cookies.

I am also painfully addicted to the Pork and Vegetable Steamed Dumplings from 99 Ranch.

Every week Linda goes there, and every other week or so she gets them for me. They are four to a package, and so good....little doughy pockets of yummy joy. I brought one with me for lunch. I like mine soaked with soy sauce, and lightly steamed up in the microwave, (since I don't have a steamer at work or home really), and then I sit in my cold little corner, fingers wrapped around warm bready goodness, munching away happily.


I would never have known about these if it weren't for Dim Sum with Reece and Jenn, and me trying to find steamed dumplings at 99 Ranch. They are EEEV-AL!

However, last night for dinner I made my Mom's friend chicken, with her country gravy, biscuits, and brussel sprouts. Not quite southern/midwestern, but I figured the brussel sprouts were green, and that's what I wanted. It wasn't the most figure friendly of meals, but it was nice and comforting, and made me think of all the suppers at home with the family when I was a kid. We'd eat that two or three times a week. Of course, this might explain why I wear a size 16 now. I haven't eaten this meal in years though, so I don't make it often. It was nice though. And Linda rather liked it.

And there was nana bread for desert. Nothing beats warm banana bread with butter. I think it's almost as good as sex...almost. I'd have to say something decadent and chocolate is better thans sex.

The weekend is my last free for the next 2 1/2 months. Almost done, weeee.... I've gotten three of my grades, still waiting on the fourth. Honors so far looks intact. How, I don't know, it was absolutely brutal. But I made it out alive...though barely. I never want a week like that again.

LA Freeway lingo is so funny....not even Angelinos get it.

Off to poke at something productive for a bit.
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Why I am a geek, bored at work...

I just discovered that Peter Graves, (of Mission: Impossible), and James Arness, (of Gunsmoke), are brothers. And for some reason this made me inexpicably giddy. This might be due in part to the fact that my father loves both actors and shows, and it might be due in part to the historian in me liking to make goofy connections like that.

I just find it odd I was so pleased.

However, Patric should not despair, he's not the only man in town his height. James Arness apparantly is just as tall as him. I guess I never caught on to that all the times he was standing there flirting with Miss Kitty.
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