March 22nd, 2007



I'm working on my second big pot of tea...I've finished all my writing down of every definition possible, I remember the years for the Battle of Marathon, and I can tell you the story of Peisistratus from the top of my head. This is mostly because the guy remings me of about all of Patric's characters in game ever. And just like all of Patric's characters, those he gives the reigns of power too, namely his sons, are OK for a while till they do something incrediably fucked up, (usually one of Randy or Jason's characters, never really one of Killie's), and then the whole thing crumbles like a house of cards.

Is it sad that I can relate Greek history to old SLAFC games?

In Randy's defense, he certainly had the best minion characters, and when they fucked up, it was always in particularly memorable and admirable fashion. That is the fun of Randy's characters, it's like playing the lottery, you never know what you are going to get. hyped at the moment, so stressed. Must learn more dates!
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Contrary to popular belief....

I did manage to get to bed last night for a brief bit....despite the massive amounts of caffeine that had me so giddy I couldn't speak straight. I went to bed at three, I climbed in, snuggled under the blankets, with ignored by racing heart and jumpy brain. I breathed deep, warmed myself up, and forced myself to think of a nice, safe place, for some reason that was a bed all warm and snuggly on Morro Bay listening to the ocean. Anyway, it worked, the brain stopped long enough for me to relax and sleep, which I did for about three and a half hours, and then I'm up again to study. I'll head out of here at 10-is to get there by 11:30, and I should be done no later than 2:30. Then it's back to my side to pick up Umlaut, hopefully, from Glendora, return, start the medieval test, and then to tutoring.

I have my medieval test at 8 AM tomorrow, I'm supposed to go to work after that. Then I tutorin in San Gabriel again, and then drive to Patric's, where I'm supposed to be get to see someone I haven't seen ain a while, and perhaps crash completely there.

For better or worse, honors or no, I'm blessedly reaching the end of finals week.
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Feel the backpain high....

I was so stressed and wound up, I hurt all over. It was like having the flu, only worse. I couldn't sit, I couldn't lay down, nothing. With my day, who can blame me.

1) Up at 6 to study like a mad woman
2) Push through traffic to get to school in time for test
3) Spend next 2 1/2 hours vomiting up as much information as I had just ingested.
4) Realized bastard professor gave me an even worse grade on paper than on Midterm, an 85% Motherfucker. This leads to realization that Latin Honors very much in jeopardy thanks to rat bastardness of this professor. Am enrolled in his class next semester. Sadly, he's the only Greek history prof at UCLA...and everyone agrees he's a rat bastard as a grader.
5) So upset, don't grab lunch. With all the caffeine and lack of sleep, this is a very bad thing.
6) Make it to Pasadena after Patric lectures me on my bemoaning of grade. Realize I'm not coherent enough to respond in full sentences to him and perhaps shouldn't be driving.
7) Decide to go to Pie 'n Burger cause Patric suggested it. Had burger and pie. It was good.
8) Go to Glendora to drop off rental. Takes me over an hour.
9) Drop off car and wait for guy to drive me to the body shop. Takes him 45 minutes. Am supposed to be tutoring. No one seems to be listening to my please of, "I need to go."
10) Umlaut not ready. Doors look nice though. Sadly bumper was the wrong kind, they have to find the write kind, but will paint it and have me come in when it is ready. Also, the back latch on the new door is funny, but I'll have them look at it when they put on the bumper.
11) Cancel first appointment again, reschedule to friday. Sucks as I'm supposed to be going out. Finally manage one tutoring session.
12) Come home achey, exhausted, and realizing I still have to study for medieval.

My day in a nut shell.

On the plus side, UCLA won and will play one of the few college teams on this planet I can say I hate with some passion, and that would be Kansas. The other is Miami of Florida. I so hope we beat them, mostly cause I hate Kansas. But also cause I'd like to see UCLA in the Final Four. It's a matter of principle, a Missoui girl cannot abide with Kansas. Eeeeewwwhhhh...that's like saying a it's ok for a UCLA girl to root for SC....and I don't know anyone who'd do that. *hides guilty look*

He he he, they are talking about the real life Graham Young on History International. Patric loves "The Young Poisioner's Handbook". I've seen the movie once and I recognized the story immediatly. How funny.

Off to figure out what's up with Ceorl and Rollo...
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