March 11th, 2007



Patric always knows how to earn my affection...give me my favorite, soft, white frosted sugar cookies from Vons. One at a time please, I have no self conrol, and all I need is one.

So the three of us went to Patric's friend Jessie's house last night, they played poker, I watched. It's funny explaining I don't play poker, and no it's not for religious reasons as I play with cards a lot. I don't like to gamble, and I don't like holding up people trying to learn a new game, so I usually sit it out. It's the gambling part for me mostly, hell I don't like buying lottery tickets, so I make Linda do it. It is a waste of money personally. THis is why I refuse to start investing till I have money I don't mind never seeing again.

Speaking of which, I've given some thought ot ways of spending future earnings. One of which is a house. Not to buy most likely, to rent, but I seriously want one. I've tired of the apartment living, and I miss my old, albeit time warped house in Pasadena. Just the ability to have privacy and not have nosey, (drugged out) neighbors about sounds so very nice. I know this will be several years in coming, but it's something I want to give consideration to.

The other is how I'm managing the PhD. I know, I know, I want to take some time off school, but I have to consider this in terms of how I manage everything else. I need to work on my languages. Someone suggested that I do a post-bacc program through the UC Extension in classics. I'm considering it. If it was something I could do over weekenights, that would be great. Then I can get a post-bacc degree in Classics on top of History, and then approach the PhD more from the area I want to approach it from. We shall see.....

I don't like this time changing thing. It rather bums me out as I'm used to a whole extra hour of sleep on Sunday morning. Alas, I need to get up and find HP pics and quotes for a presentation. I shall go downstairs, make canned biscuits, and get started on that. I'd rather just stay in bed and have a snuggle with my pillows and my stuffed Cookie Monster.
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