March 6th, 2007


Weirdness of my life...

The Vice President has a blood clot in his leg. I heard it on the radio last night, and of course it being Dick, we had to hear what it was, why it had to be treated, and the sort of medical ways that it can all work out and be fine, and why Dick won't just keel over and die already.

Imagine my surprise when 30 minutes later my father calls to tell me that he has the SAME EXACT PROBLEM!

My father's health hasn't been great for...well I don't remember it ever being great. But every year it's a new issue. But then again, his mother seemed to have all sorts of medical mess ups, stomach issues, strokes, etc, and lived till she was in her 80's and had great-grandchildren. So I'm hoping that my Dad holds out that long. But really he gives me heart attacks with these phone calls. He's fine and chipper, his children are going nuts!

To add to this, Linda is being weird paranoid again. I think the computer set her off. She's convinced that there are drug dealers in the apartment complex who are out to set her up for a fall. Now, I'm convinced there are drug dealers, I just think she annoys them because she's always out and about. I don't think they are setting her up for anything in particular. But she's being weird, and knocked on my door at 7:30 this morning to wake me up and tell me that if anything happens theirs a note on Decembers calander I need to read.

*sigh* I accept everyone has their weirdness and neurosis, but why does it have to manifest itself during hell weeks for me.

I'm beat today. I think I have settled on paper topics, I'll see if I can't hash one out tonight and tomorrow, and the other tomorrow and Thursday. It's hormones week, so it means I'm always more worn out and tired. Today I feel like a wrung out, dirty washcloth. Ugh.

No word on the car estimate or how long it will take. I'm hoping not terribly long. I can't afford to have this rental that long.

Patric says I need to go shopping with he and Randy again...lord, I can't believe these two need a referee.


So they want to total Umlaut....

They say that the repair would total the car.

I'm not totaling it, because I need my car and it still runs. And I'll see if I can't take the money and get it repaired by someone else.

I'm very depressed right now.

At least I'm not at fault!
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And the cherry on this shit sundae...

If it wasn't so painful, I'd be laughing...

I was walking to my class this afternoon when my right ankle inexplicably turned on me, throwing me to the ground, and pulling every muscle in my foot. Nothing was broken, thankfully, the foot isn't purple or swollen, but walking on it is a challenge.

And you know how it happened....

There was a chip in the brickwork on the sidewalk that caught my high-heeled sandled just right, and turned my show and with it my ankle. And I had nothing to grab onto to break my fall.

So now I'm at the boys, my foot hurts like hell, I have ice and a bandage on it. I call Dr. Gita to ask her what I should do, (pretty much what I described), and I'm wondering how the hell I'm getting to class tomorrow. I missed monday, I can't miss tomorrow.

At least there is cute Enterprise guy who can drive me to get Umlaut since I'm gimpy....

Wow, I haven't hurt myself this bad in years. It's "Jenn's in tears from the pain of walking" bad.

Anyone got some crutches they can lend me? LOL
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