March 5th, 2007



The rental drives like a tank. It has none of the zip of Umlaut, and none of the handling. And I think I could fit maybe Randy in it, if he laid sideways crossways in the car. Patric would have no hope.

But Umlaut is in the shop, and I am driving a Chevy Aveo for a couple of days. If it takes longer, I can rent it a little longer I suppose, but I'd rather not have to.

I've yet to hear what the damages will be, but I'm hoping it isn't that bad.

The insurances have yet to confer on who did what and whose fault it is. Whatever it is, the worst that could happen is I'm out $500. Which sucks a lot, when I don't have a ton of money for that, but there you go.

I'm tired and cranky today, it's hormones. On the upside, I think that the Canadian drug company is indeed sending me my prescription, thank goodness. And I'll still see if I can't work out something with PP to see about something that might be less problematic with the BP. We shall see.

Now to chew through Beowulf and two papers. I think I have a topic for lit set, the meaning of the world 'interculturation' in terms of one religious paradigm dominating the other, and what that means. Essentially my original topic but in fancier terms.

I have game tonight. I feel bad, Patric is irritated I'm not engaged in it, but sadly game is the last thing on my mind between everything else. I try to explain this, but I feel like I'm talking to a brick wall sometimes. Even with Randy, he seems to look at me as if I'm mad. But since the days of SLAFC I can't just turn characters on and off anymore, it's so rare I go play in the imaginary world anyway, that it's hard to get into that mindset. Besides, when I'm trying to figure out what 'resolve' means in terms of Greek history, I feel like crying. Ugh. I might have to cancel the next game though, it's in the middle of finals week, and game or no game, my finals take precedence.

I have set up my classes for next semester though. I'm taking more Roman history with Claudia Rapp, one of my fave profs, and the History of Ancient Near Eastern Religions, more Greek history with the same guy, (cause I'm a masochist, but he's the only one teaching it), and the history of LA, cause I'm curious and it would be fun.

So there you go, my last semester is set up, and I start that in about a month.

OK, so the schedule is this, I have a paper on Thursday, a rough draft, a final draft due on Friday, I have my pics taken Friday morning. I have double duty tutoring sessions this weekend, one with Rafael for two hours, one with Christina. Then I have to work on my group project, perhaps Saturday night or Sunday, since it's due next week. I have one last paper to due for my 97A class, finish the one Lit, and start studying for finals. I have to read up on the Carolingian kings, and I have to study for Greek history, my two finals I sit for. Two more weeks and it's Spring Break, baby...that means naps, right.

It's sad when Spring Break means naps instead of drinking.

Two more months, I can hold on that long.