February 27th, 2007


My life is one long frustration....

So I spent most of yesterday afternoon trying to do the GPA figures on my grade so far. This is all contingent on what I get on my paper this afternoon.

This seems stupid and obsessive to many, and it is, but to have worked this hard to have one asshole prof take away my chances at graduating with honors is driving me rather over the edge.

To cheer me up, Linda and I went to 99 Ranch last night, where just down the shopping center she found a tiny indoor area where they had lots of Asian fast food, and sinfuly French pastry desserts, which i did not partake of. We then spent $100 on groceries, but we got fish and vegetables, and the jasmine rice I prefer, and some sauces to use on stuff. As the main food groups in my diet are Italian, Asian, Mexican, and Southern, I was happy as a clam with the purchase. And we don't have to buy groceries for a while, save for the milk and bread thing. Perhaps I'll need to up the veggies, but we'll have to eat them if we bought them.

I'm sitting here fuming as to what to do. I won't know till I get my paper this afternoon, which isn't going to be good. *sigh* Can I beat my head against my desk yet?