February 3rd, 2007



You can tell when the hormones kick in, I'm grumpier and bitchier about everything.

I have no desire to tutor today. I have no desire to get my car worked on. I have no desire to study. About the only thing I do have a desire to do is sleep and poke at stupid fanfic all day.

Of course I'm not going to do this, but it's what I have a desire to do.

I feel badly though, my roomie was wanting to make breakfast, eggs, and I turned her down. Mostly because the last two days have been horrible on food, and I haven't exercised, mostly for the reasons I've mentioned above. So no eggs for breakfast, I'll eat my healthy cereal and banana with tea. Someday she'll off me cause I pretty much just took over the kitchen. She loves to cook, she does, but....well she tends to do it in fits and starts, and often when I'm hungry, I want food NOW. And I have to know food is going to be there. Cause if it isn't, then we have to eat out, and that costs money. Groceries do too, but you can get several meals out of the amount you spend on one meal around here.

I'm aware I hogged the kitchen, I know this. I just don't know how to fix it.

Anyway, I need to find ways to amuse a five year old, figure out how to break to his parents I can only do an hour tomorrow instead of an hour and a half, and then try to teach a fifteen year old enough math to get through high school. Then off to get Umlaut tuned up and running nice while I read about Gauls and Goths in Late Antiquity.

Fun for me, let me tell you. *sigh*

The happiness of Umlaut...

Umlaut is a happy car. If she were a puppy, she'd wiggle and waggle her broken tail at me.

Umlaut is only the 2nd car I've ever owned, the first, Putt-putt, was a POS that I adored, but never kept up. Save for a new engine in it after my one and only attempt at changing the oil, (friends don't let friends change your oil), I never had it taken in. I didn't know what to do. I had Linda check the fluids on occasion, I put gas in it, and left it at that.

Umlaut is different. I've had her now a year and a half. I learned with the first car you have to put money into something if you want to make it last. So I had the oil changed after my first four months of owning it, changed the transmission fluid the next month, and on and on. But I had never gone full bore with the full tune up, oil change, transmission fluid change, fuel injector cleaning. But I had my first smog test with this car coming up so I could re-register it. So today I ran to EZ Lube in Pasadena after tutoring, left it in their capable hands, grabbed lunch at Whole Foods, and within half an hour it was done.


So in all it was $280, but it was well spent, let me tell you. I got back into Umlaut, and I don't recall her running this smooth. The engine isn't rumbly, the she isn't gumping about, I swear I felt her doing a tail shimmy as I zoomed down Foothill Blvd. towards home.

I have a happy car. And after $280 she better be. I don't even spend that sort of money on me to make ME feel better.
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