January 29th, 2007


Papers, puzzles, and plenty of sleep...

I skipped class today mostly because I have a paper to write and a presentation to work up. But I'm also tired, and having had no downtime over the weekend, I need a bit of a rest.

I spoke to Paul the Supervisor, and he's OK with the DR thing. And he and I chatted over the 5-year-old who is having so much trouble. That seem to give me some new heart on the matter. And I'll take Salamet's advice on how best to deal with hyperactive boys and trying to engage them in their letters.

So now I have to call DR and see what the lowdown is with Kantar. I'll see if they can make it work my while to leave my severance and go work for them, which at this point I'm seriously considering. And I might talk to Kevin and see if he can't let me help him out too, or at least see if there is another coder who could use the money from him. I don't know. All rather confusing.

Anyway, I'm off to do some homework now.

Equus, acting, and growing up...

At twenty-nine, I'd like to think that despite my propensity for cartoons, cookie monster, and playing RPG games, I have a certain amount of adult dignity and decorum. There are certain things I've considered taboo. Lusting after Dan Radcliffe, the kid who plays Harry Potter, and Emerson Spartz, the guy who created MuggleNet, were two of the highest on my list of...Eeeewwwwwhhhh. Mostly because they are the ages of my siblings, and thus there is this certain idea that, 'hey, I was how old when you were in diapers'. My friends who are of the same age have had less impulse towards this, and that's fine. If you are fifteen and squeeling over them, I don't see a think wrong with that. But when you are nearly old enough to be an albeit teenaged mother to one of them?

The new photographs of Dan from the play "Equus", and they were stunning. Not from the, "OMG: ISN'T HE HOT" sort of way. And nor was I all old biddy over them either. Rather they were stunning in a) this definetly breaks him from the HP mold, and wow, he's got such a bright futre, and b) I didn't think anything could that that artistically beautiful. The whole thing was great. It as tasteful, it was classy, and it wasn't just "Harry Potter nude".

If that's what you are looking for out of that, well I suppose you'll love them. I was hesitent because I thought they would be crass, but they weren't. All I can say is this kids got bright things for his future. But sadly, this also involves fan girls, Dan, so watch out. LOL Poor guy.

Anyway I was surprised and pleased how well that play was going. I was rather worried because of all the publicity of it being "Harry Potter". You know no one batted an eye when Ian McKellen, Magneto and Gandalf, happened to mention he was gay, (which silently I was very glad for, perhaps we are getting somewhere on that one), and the moment the kid who is in something as wholseome and blockbuster as Harry Potter takes off his clothes, we are all in giggles. Lord. What was going to happen when he started makinggrown up, more adult movies people, gees, (and not the kind they make in the San Fernando Valley, you pervs)? I think it's a good step for him, because this means he'll have some other future other than as "The Boy Who Lived", and that couldn't make me happier.

So, fifteen year old girls of the world, squeel while you can. Someday you'll be my age and see all your friends getting giddy about some other teenage boy in the future, and you'll think it's weird too.

Pay up...

Not as bad, but still not good...

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I admit I peed in the pool at age five before mom and dad explained that it wasn't a GOOD thing. Especially not when your two-year-old brother was drinking the water. All I have to say in my defense was he used to poop in the bath water we were BOTH in.

Anyway, I'm shelling out $315.50. Worse than Wedschilde, but I seriously don't know how that happened, I barely did much of what was on the list.
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Sorry for the confusion...

The last meme I posted I stole not from Wedschilde but Goth_Huntress, I had been looking at one and thinking the other. Sorry Salamet for the confusion....

I need to work on my presentation and don't want to. What is with me today?