January 25th, 2007


I hate hectic weeks....

So I'm up early this morning, showered and washed, fed with my life cereal and lowfat milk, (life cereal is surprisingly low in calories and high in fiber), and am in my robe and towel and fuzzy slippers contemplating my day. Man it's been less than three weeks home, and I need a vacation again.

Today I have to get dressed, stop by the post office to get a money order, stop by The Fox and the Hair to set up an appointment with Ingrid, get fingerprinted in Baldwin Park, call the mother of one of my weekend clients to tell her when I'm coming by, grab lunch, grab books and tutoring matierals, drive to Westwood, find parking, boogie to class to discuss the Zend Avesta, boogie to car to get into rush hour traffic, get to San Gabriel to tutor a trucculent child, drive down the street to tutor another child, get home, eat dinner, and still study a map of Greek cities for a map quiz tomorrow first thing in the morning.

This is no fun. But I suppose it's what I should be used to, I've been doing it for years.

I sure hope funding for Rome works out because I need a vacation from all of this. I've got to wait till my W-2's get in, and if they aren't in by the end of next week, I'm calling Kantar HR and screaming, as I need them ASAP for my financial aid work. But then, no one else has got them either. I just have till March 2nd to get it in so I can see if I can't get things paid by April 6, the due date for the $4500 I'll be charged for the class. And I've yet to get my plane tickets. At this moment I'm not sure how I'm getting them because I'm not sure if I'm going. Blargh. Times like this I wish I had a fairy godmother with money to just pony up till I got the financial aid thing worked out.

I know I whine a lot, it seems, but then that's what my journal is for, useless whining, right.

In reality there are some good things going on. I'm getting my bookclub going, even if it is only Salamet, my Mom, and Gita, (perhaps Mel). And I've got money coming in, which is a good thing for me right now. Just a few more months, and I can calm down, find a nice boring job, and just be an office monkey for a couple of years while I just let the brain de-res.

Sounds good, doesn't it?

Anyway, off to throw clothes on, and begin my mad dash of running errands.
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I'm rather beat. The trek to Baldwin Park, home, to UCLA, to San Gabriel, and home again wipped me out. And I still have a quiz to study for.

Bugger it all.

Caron-bean seems to be online, that makes me happy. I miss Caron-bean. I've feeling in a particularly female friend missing mood.

I have this overwhelming urge to make a high tea and have people come over, but I'd need a tea set first, and then I'd have to make the food. And all the female types I know live far away.

This is bothering me tonight.

Not that I don't love Patric and Randy to bits, but they like action movies, their house smells like socks, and they like shooting at things on Patric's big screen.

But Patric does have a tea set. And Randy can make girlie sandwiches.

Sadly, it is still not the same.