January 24th, 2007


The State of The Jenn...

In honor of our President's address, (which I fond puzzling and somewhat amusing), I will give a statement on the current state of myself.

1) The physical well being: I've been eating rather badly and haven't exercised all week. I'm trying to not berate myself on this, as I've been running around like a rather mad, headless chicken. I might try to exercise tonight then while I'm cooking dinner.

2) The fisical budget: I'm overwhelmed. EDD finally got off it's ass and is giving me $246 a week. I don't know how the part time job will effect it, but that's good. And I have more students than I know what to do with. And DR called wanting to give me a part time job. I prolly can't accept till I get my severance, but it was still wonderful that I was a person they thought of.

3) Education: I have so much reading I can't see strait. I have a quiz on Friday on ancient Greek places, a rough draft on a paper due next Thursday, and a group project and large paper to start thinking of, and a presentation due on Tuesday. The best part of the presentation...I get to bug Teo as it's on one of his articles. I'll shoot him an email and try to get to see him on Monday.

4) Security: Fucking Baldwin Park School District didn't tell me I need a money order to get my fingerprints done. I shall go in the morning to retry it. At least I know I'm not an ax murder.

5) Welfare: Randy makes really good steak....yum. The boys take care of me when I visit, and I was there for two whole days between game and my regular weekly, I have a late class business.

6) The environment: My room is getting there slowly.

7) Healthcare: Randy has the plague again.

8) The War on Terror: I have discovered nothing makes your woes feel better than a mug of Archer Farms hot chocolate and a shot of Amaretto. Joy.

I need to do an odd bit or two before I run to see one of my students.
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Roasted vegetable pasta....

*drool* So I played with my father's old Italian Chicken recipe. I made it with pickled roasted Italian vegetables. God, I ate till I was bursting. And all it contained was chickey, roasted veggies, and fettucini.

Sometimes I'm inspired.

I need to read the Zend Avesta. don't wanna. I want to watch Robotech.

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