January 19th, 2007


First thing in the morning...

I ditched class today since I only had the one and we were going over The Passion of Sts. Perpetua and Felicity...again. I've read this text five times since starting at UCLA. The other was St. Augustine, part City of God, the other I forget, but in any case it was not worth driving two hours in LA traffic on a friday morning to get to class and stay there for fifty minutes to turn around and drive 45 minutes back to Pasadena.

So I slept in...well that was the plan anyway.

I stayed up late last night reading for the class I skipped today, (might as well keep up), and had thought it was OK cause I'd sleep it off. But at 7:30ish my phone rings, with Patric relaying a message from Randy. That's fine, I answer, crawl back under the mountain of blankets on my bed, and snuggle in for a good snooze. But then someone starts banging on the back door, which is right below my bedroom window. Disgruntled, I turn over hoping Linda will get it. They knock again. Wondering where my roomie is, I throw on the robe, run downstairs to find her talking on the cell to Mike, the handyman for the complex, who suddenly forgot we have a front door, and that Linda tends to sit out on the patio in the morning. Funny considering she works for his wife, and knows Linda quite well. Grumply, I make my way upstairs again and snuggle in, even as Mike is pounding on the doorframes trying to fix our weatherstripping.

Then as I was drifting off, Mr. Moles arrives, unexpectedly. I had thought he'd come closer to noon, but he had Mr. Thomas's car, and was puttering around town running errands. It was nice to see the Randy after his saunter in the lands of the Romans, and he brought me an adapter for Italy for my trip, and a pin from the Vatican. I was most pleased to see him. But I was also not exactly speaking or understanding English for the first 45 minutes.


So now I'm debating on whether to tackle my bedroom or study today. I'm thinking the bedroom, as it is frightening me. Then I have to run to Office Depot to get printer ink and folders for my charges, so I can organize paperwork, and then get my TB test read. Perhaps at some point I will go to grab curriculums for the kiddies, and I've yet to hear from one of the parents, I'll call them tonight. Then I'll settle in, finish my room, cook some supper, and perhaps get a bit of studying done before bed. Tomorrow I have to meet my first client. Eeeep.

Anyway, i've read my email, I've sent birthday wishes to the sis who is 22 today, and I've read my DailyLit emails for the day. I have to make a list of books for our book club, and on further reflection I am considering putting our site on LiveJournal cause...well MySpace sucks, I think I can get more interest on LJ. I need to email other interested parties so we can compile a list of books to choose from. I want to get this going by Feb. Hrumph.

Off to dig through the pile of crap in my room.