January 11th, 2007


Four cups of Earl Grey...

I know I swore on the night before my trip I'd not do it again, but I figure four cups of Earl Grey before class won't hurt anyone. Besides, I'll stay awake for this semester's hotty prof. I can't decide if he's from Central Asian extraction or Northern Indian, but I think he grew up in Canada because he has that funny way of saying his 'ou' dipthongs. Makes me want to go purchase "Anne of Green Gables" and sigh over Gilbert again. Mmmmmm.

Anyway, he is most attractive, with a last name I can't pronounce, but that's OK by me. I've noticed I have this thing for the darkly attractive sort, must be because I'm....well as white ass, Northern European, can be mistaken for a leprechaun as you get. As I told Dad I wish we had something cooler in our gene pool than Cherokee Indian, a lot of people have that. My step-mother has African American family members, which I was more jealous of. I need more racial diversity in my family line!

I say this, not to be ironic or racist or anything, but because the other day I saw the most beautiful little girl who was very mixed race. Just absolutely gorgeous. I've just got home from an area where inbreeding amongst a small population is normative, and well...the results were not pretty. It's a shame that we, and I mean my ancestors in this too, tend to be so blind to the beauty that we can come up with when we mix things up a bit. Most of the really attractive people I know, both physically and spiritually, are ones who have a bunch of branches on that family tree, and many have been grafted on to make something very wonderful.

I love telling people about my grandfather who was Cherokee Indian, because a) he was ashamed of it, (he said he was Jewish, and yes, he could have passed for Sephardic), and b) because I think it's great that I have this tiny bit of that in me. The Cherokee were a brilliant people, and something to be just as proud of as my Scottish ancestors or my relationship to a bunch of obsessive Welsh kings of England. At leat my Cherokee ancestor's half brother wasn't known throughout history for his wives and codpieces.

I just know that there is nothing better than love, and I don't care who it is with.

Anyway, enough stumping for today, I think I'll go ride my bike for a bit, shower up, find some of my bills, and toddle over to UCLA to make copies and wait for class.

Death by cholesterol...

Emeril, you mad man, that much cheese will choke a horse.

Well as suspected, there wasn't much to a scam of word processing from home. Linda might do it for a few extra dollars, but it's not worth it unless there is a free spot to post classifieds on the net. Ugh.

Hate worrying about money.

Anyway, on the good news, I have my class ring. It's SOOOO pretty, I shall have to post a picture of it that is good. I've happily got it on right now. Six months from now, I'll be a graduate.

Six months can't come soon enough.

Come end of March I'll get a job at DR at least, it won't be for long, but its something to tide me over till I can get a full time job over there.

Mmmm, pork chops.
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