July 22nd, 2006


Early birthday present...

One of my everlasting irritations, and Patric's secret delights, is the fact that my best friend cannot contain himself when purchasing presents. He had present, he must immediatly give it to you. Normally this is irritating as I like to have presents on the big event day, this is what makes that day special. But this present I'll forgive him for.

The bike I was eyeing last week as reported early in the week

Needless to say this was a thrill to come home to. It's nice, light, and just my size. And it doesn't pop going into first. And I got a light on the front and one on the back, a bike lock, and two flowered water bottles to match the paint job.

So thank you to Patric and Randy for giving me such a wonderful birthday present.

Tonight we are going to celebrate Randy's birthday which is really a week from tomorrow. Much barbecue will be consumed! Perhaps we shall treat him to something tasty sweet as well.

Also-if you get a chance, congratulate Randy, (baraqyal), he just made it to the next level of his contest. I'm so proud of him.

Shall I post another history post or take a nap? I missed out last night as I went to see "Bringing up Baby" in Old Town, which was fun. God I love Carey Grant. So today will be yesterdays post.

So hot...so sleepy. 110 makes me so drowsy.